10 mushy and romantic couple shots with a snowy backdrop that you just cannot miss!

10 mushy and romantic couple shots with a snowy backdrop that you just cannot miss!

Pre-wedding shoots are no longer restricted to conventional, run-of-the mill spots anymore. There is nothing like comfort or sticking to the basics when it comes to perfecting a pre-wedding shoot.


Some couples took it one step forward and decided to brave it out, despite the cold, chilly weather and their not-so-warm outfits. These photographs will make our heart melt, if not the snow!! Some adorable, some cute and some outright gutsy!


Here are the pictures of couples who had some crazy and literally ‘cool’ photoshoots with breathtaking settings:


1.Turning on the heat amidst the snow!


Image source: Weddings by Knotty Days


2. The heart shape transforms this picture from romantic to absolutely magical!



3. Can’t get their eyes off each other and neither can I!


Image source: Wedding Nama


4. Snow, mountains and a waterfall-Picture perfect backdrop, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to liplock against this mesmerizing setting?



5. This adorable couple has found their inner child on seeing snowflakes!


Image source: Weddings by Knotty Days


6. These lovebirds are totally oblivious to their surroundings, having a fun time! (at least she is, wink wink)


Image source: The Wedding Matinee


7. An unusual, yet breathtaking shot of this couple inside a glacier cave! #majorgoals



8. When life throws snow at you, make a snowman!!

Well, that’s what this cute couple has done!


Image source: Roi Studio


9. A minimalistic pre-wedding shoot where the couple wants to keep it subtle, yet creative!



10. Cozy up and cuddle- A rather ‘chilled’ out pre-wedding picture!



Which picture impressed you the most?


Images sources: Pinterest unless specified

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