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10 Must Have Pointers in the Decorator’s Contract

10 Must Have Pointers in the Decorator’s Contract

For your big day – everything has to be on point and having the perfect decor can ensure most of it! Your decorator can set up a picturesque venue for your big day and your wedding will be trending on Instagram even before you say, “I Do”!

Before you jump on to the dream wagon, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before signing the decorator’s contract. Relax, ladies, we are here to do just that! No need to worry cause we have you covered! Here are the must have pointers in the decorator’s contract!

Element Sheet

An element sheet has all the details of the things and accessories used for your big day and their individual cost. It’s crucial that you maintain this sheet and attach it with your contract so you can verify if everything given is actually present on the day. Some of the inclusions will be:

Carpet Used – Old / New

Fabrics Used – Exact shade & old / new/variety of fabric what kind of fabric they are using

Chairs & Sofas – Separate for bride and groom and guests

Entry Decor – signage, arches etc

Garlands for varmala – flowers used etc.

Element Sheet

Stage Size & Specifics

Your wedding day stage / mandap will be the focus of the event and it has to be just right! From the size to the flowers used for the decor – put everything in the contract to make sure your dream wedding comes true! Backdrop colour should not match with your dress.

Mode and Dates of Payment

From advance to the final settlement – put it all in your contract along with the payment dates!

Timeline for D-Day

No bride should freak out on her big day and making sure that the decor is ready before guests start pouring in is crucial! Discuss a practical time with your decorator and make sure everything is in the contract!

Timeline for D-Day

Furniture Inclusions

Well, you wouldn’t want your guests to stand during the wedding ceremony, would you? Although, they have a clear idea of the seating to standing ratio, it’s best to put it in the contract. Once you give them a clear number of guests, they should have adequate seating for everyone. If you are setting up a bar counter or something similar, it would require different kind of furniture and it’s crucial that you include it in the contract.

Lighting Specifics

It’s your big day and the focus should be on you, literally! Make sure the lights are just right and visit the venue when it’s already decorated to check the specifics. Make sure that the lights do not cast too many shadows so that the photos are perfect!

Colour & Theme of Event Decor

To have a pinteresty wedding, it’s essential that you decide on a theme and colour scheme for your big day. If needed, show all the pictures to your decorator and make sure he/she understands exactly what you want. Once they get a hold of the theme, put it down in your contract to avoid any confusion. Just ensure that your color theme isn’t the same as the colour theme!

Colour & Theme of Event Decor

Generator & Back-Up

This is a must-have and even the generator your decorator gets should have a backup in case of power failures. Also, keep in mind that depending on the whether, you would need air conditioners or room heaters and these should be added to the contract.   

Types of Flowers

With more and more weddings being inspired by Pinterest, it is essential that your decorator gets this just right! Let them know the flowers you want and put it in the contract to avoid nasty surprises on the big day. This is crucial if you have a particular look in mind and don’t want any cheaper alternative! Also, if you have some expensive or exquisite flowers in mind, you can put down the numbers as well!

Refund Policy

Well, in case of emergencies and cancellations, it’s always safe to put the refund policy in the contract.

The Exhaustive Checklist For A Decorator’s Contract

Seating – Theatre/Cluster – Chairs, Sofas, Lounge Chairs – Number & Quality (Wooden/metal etc)

Dining – Tables, Head Table, Bar Counters – Number & Quality (Wooden/metal etc)

Carpet – Areas to be carpeted and size – Old/New & Colour

Chair Covers – Material, Colour, Number, Added decorations like bows, flowers etc

Table Covers – Material, Colour, Number

Stage for bride & groom and band/performances – Size, Lights Used, Height, Drapes Used

LED Screens – Size & Number

Generators – Number, Quality, Capacity of Each & Backup

Lighting fixtures – Types of fixtures, number of each fixture, backup, party areas with their specific light requirements and the type of lighting – focus, ambient, dim etc

AC/Heaters/Coolers – Number, Capacity of each AC & Quality

Fans/Mist Fans – Number, Quality & Areas where they will be installed

Flowers – Fresh or Artificial – Quantity of each and areas where each will be used

Drapes – Colours, material & quantity

Centerpieces – Number of each element required and their quality

Decorative Accessories – Birdcages, Artifacts, Crystal Strings, Bead Strings, Candles etc – Quality, Colour & Number

Props – Photo booths, standees etc – Quality of prints, strength of props & Number

Entrance Signage – Specific measurements, flowers used, print quality

Arches/Gates – Flowers Used, Size

Bridal Entrance/Groom Entrance Decor/Aisle Decor – Flowers used, Size and Carpet Used (Colour & Quality)

Theme Specifics – Accessories specific to your theme and their quantity & quality

Mandap Specifications – Height, area, flowers used, drapes used, seating for bride, groom & pandit, flowers for showering on couple, varmalas

Chandeliers & Other Decorative Lights – Quality & Number, Bright/Ambient – type of lighting

Cake Table – Height, Table Covers (Material, colour & quality), decorations if any

DJ’s Console Area/Stage – Size, Flowers, Lights, Drapes

Speakers/DJ’s Equipments (if provided) – Number, power of each and elements included

Dance Floor – Size, Decorations and Lighting

Rangoli – Colours used & design


Images: The Cheesecake Project & Shutter Down

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