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10 Natural ingredients to get & maintain that bridal glow!

10 Natural ingredients to get & maintain that bridal glow!

Let’s imagine something.

You wake up early morning on your wedding day. You go to freshen up. You casually look at your face in the mirror and BOOOOOM!!!

It’s the acne attack! It’s too late to get rid of it and you cannot travel back in time to take care of it. Nightmarish much?


Don’t worry and keep calm because I am here to your rescue and so are some nature household ingredients. I am presuming every bride wants fresh, glowing and beautiful skin on her D-day, afterall, it’s one of her most important days, for which she has done a whole lot of preparation. There’s a lot at stake- especially instagram posts (facepalm).


I’ve got you 10 household, natural ingredients which you should start using regularly if you want to maintain the bridal glow and the best part is, you can find them in your kitchen:





Do you find yourself ranting about your dry skin to often?

If yes, in that case honey is something you should definitely try. It is a natural humectant- which means it preserves moisture. If honey works out for you, you have hit the jackpot ladies, because this helps in curing acne, zits and clears pores.


2. Lemon



A storehouse of citrus- lemon can help fight pimples, dark spots acne and pigmentation. If you want a glowing, blemish-free complexion for your D-day, this is an ingredient you have to keep handy!


3. Cucumber



Most of you must’ve already envisaged yourself with a slice of cucumber on each eye, lying down and relaxing.

But, that’s not all this vegetable has to offer!!

It’s a must for to-be-brides who want to reduce the puffiness around their eyes, rejuvenate themselves and help reduce sun tans.


4. Orange Peels



The thought of getting a breakout or a zit right before your D-day, can give jitters to any to-be-bride. Well, there is a solution for this lying right in your kitchen. All you have to do is:

Step 1- Cut the peels into small slices

Step 2-Put them out in the sun to dry for around 4 days

Step3- Once they have completely dried, powder them and store it.


Apply this on your face regularly for a natural glow, to moisturize your skin and for a fresher look!!


5. Tomatoes



Well, I could go and on and on using jargon about what tomatoes possess and how they can be beneficial to the skin, but instead I am going to get down to why you actually need them?

Tomatoes can help reduce pigmentation considerably and help fight acne and sun tans! A must to use these, not only before your Wedding but even generally, and the BEST part is you will always find them in your kitchen.


6. Aloe Vera



Aloe vera gel is nothing short of a magical solution to some of the worst skin issues. Rubbing some aloe vera gel on your face can rapidly help reduce acne, pigmentation and help reduce sun burns to a whole new level!!

So gals, go get some aloe vera, what are you waiting for?


7. Avocado



To all the brides ready to tie the knot anytime soon, don’t save up the avocados only for making a yummy dip, now save some for your skin too!

Avocados are great, in fact fantaaaastic for moisturizing the skin, reducing damage from sun tans and also help a great deal in psoriasis,


8. Almond oil



Want a beautiful flawless skin and outshine everyone on your shaadi, in a literal way?

I am assuming the answer is ‘YES’ and in this case almond oil is the best bet. The vitamin E which it contains helps fighting acne. Also, the sleepless nights that you must have had practicing dances or thinking about your wedding won’t show on your face as this oil combats dark circles too!!


9. Green tea leaves



There is good news! Green tea leaves are good for your skin and your hair!

It helps nourishing your skin and reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.


10. Turmeric



A great antioxidant, turmeric or our household favourite, one-remedy-for-all, haldi, is a good pick for beautiful skin!

If used regularly, you could get rid of uneven tone and blemishes.


Which ingredient are you going to pick from your kitchen today?


Images source: Pinterest

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