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10 Noir Photo Ideas For The Mysterious Couple

10 Noir Photo Ideas For The Mysterious Couple


So first things first, how would you define a Noir picture?

Most people would answer black and white. Right? But there’s so much more that goes into making the perfect noir portraits which are perfect for those edgy and sophisticated couples. Noir photos are moody, dark and dramatic. Though the term in films may instantly bring back many cinematic scenarios of hard-boiled detectives and damsels in distress, here are a few ways of looking at Noir photography for your wedding pictures. Honestly, these pictures are mind-blowing and worth a try to give your wedding album a twist.


1) The Flirtatious Pose

Image Source: Noir.weddings


When you look at this picture you notice the love that the couple shares. The depth of the background, in this case, highlights this beauty and makes for a timeless photograph. 


2) The Timeless Beauty  


These pictures highlight the main features of the subject present. In this case, it is the blushing bride and the bouquet of flowers. The colours in the pictures lean more towards a sepia tone. This helps offer a high contrast between dark and light. The background in such a picture is irrelevant and these make great dramatic wedding photos.


3) The Lost Couple

Image Source: Evenkeelweddings


This photo exhibits a scene from a mysterious movie. The photographer has played with the elements of the ambience. Having cut out all colours except back and white, this picture leaves the viewer wanting more, like where is this couple off to? They are walking towards their future, in a classy way. (Flips hair dramatically) 


4) The Bold Red

        Image Source: shutterimage


   The bride being the subject in this picture and the colour red are the two parts of this gorgeous portrait. The background is blank and makes the two main parts stand out. With a bit of light play, the photographer has created depth and the perfect picture for the perfect bride.


5) The Shift Of Attention         

Image Source: szabolaszloadam


   This picture leaves the viewer wanting more and will make for a great picture to start your wedding album with. We can see that the wedding has happened. But we are left with a touch of mystery as to who the couple is. The focus on the bouquet and not on the couple gives the pictures a noir film effect. 



6) The Look

Image Source: berrybajwa


We see that in a noir film when the eyes of the hero and the damsel meet, there is an air of either suspense or wholehearted love. Here in this picture, the photographer has managed to capture the love along with a touch of humour, making this picture talk, though as though a silent movie.  



7) The Shadow Play

Image Source: maxim.vegas 


Lighting is used to create shadows. This gives the viewer a sense of danger or drama that lurks just around the corner. However, using the same technique here we are given that strong sense of love and togetherness.


8) The Implication That Something Is Present

Image Source: Libertebyhiral


Again, through the use of shadows which in noir photos are like characters in the story. Here we see a shadow blur out a section of the bride’s face, but has most definitely left us feeling an air of mystery that surrounds the gorgeous bride. 


9) The Feeling of A Warm Sunny Day

Image Source: Noir.weddings


When it comes to b&w films of the past, in a way they displayed happiness. The music set an entire mood to those films. This shot gives us a feeling of love shared by everyone making this the perfect noir picture. Not to mention the hats and the pinstripe suits add that extra oomph.


 10) Attention To Detail

Image Source: Gary_dean_taylor


Another aspect of noir films is the ability to capture as much detail as possible in the faces and objects. This picture says it all. The choice of colour specifically the red lips, add one drop of drama to the picture.


Mention these to your photography on your next appointment and let the mystery of love flow through your pictures.


Image Source: Pinterest Unless Specified

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