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10 offbeat mangalsutra designs for the new-age bride!

10 offbeat mangalsutra designs for the new-age bride!

Managalsutra or auspicious thread is a symbol of marital status for Hindu brides. Usually a mangalsutra is made up by stringing nine black beads and nine gold beads. It is an ornament which the groom puts around the bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony. New-age brides aren’t looking at a mangalsutra only as an auspicious ornament anymore, it much more! It has become a statement jewellery and something that can be flaunted, on the D-day and thereafter!


Mangalsutras are getting styled and customized like never before. From sophisticated designs including diamonds to dramatic, oversized traditional ones, a bride has a wide array of designs to choose from. While I was browsing through the internet, I noticed that there are oodles of mangalsutra varieties, in different sizes, lengths and styles.


Here’s me listing the most unconventional mangalsutra designs I came across, for the quintessential new-age brides:


1. The mangalsutra with the paisley design!


Image source: Manubai Jewellers


Paisley designs have always been an integral part of Indian weddings- from the decor to outfits and definitely a part of traditional jewellery. This mangalsutra has a beautiful and dainty paisley embossed on an oversized gold square, with beads at the end. A great pick for a bride who wants a balance of ethnic and modern!!


2. Heart-shaped mangalsutra


Image source: Mahalaxmi Jewellers


A chic and cute design for brides who want to slay it with a minimalistic heart-shaped mangalsutra! Well, afterall wedding is all about LOVE!!


3. Contemporary mangalsutra with diamonds


Image source: Zamoor Diamonds


This mangalsutra has stunning diamonds placed in a checkered, crisscross pattern, with a diamond drop at the end. It is elegant, exquisite and not too over-the-top!


4. Floral mangalsutra


Image source: Papilior


For the new-age brides, who are obsessed with floral designs, this is a gorgeous mangalsutra design to add oomph to your bridal ensemble!


5. Oversized gold mangalsutra


Image source: GJC PMI


Some designs leave me dumbfounded and this is definitely one of them! Love the traditional oversized gold pendants, one with a floral engraving and other with a Hindu goddess! Not to miss the exquisite designs and the use of micropearls!


6. Offbeat mangalsutra design


Image source: Fateh Chand Bansi Lal


I am totally swooning over this charming design! A perfect pick for the bride who wants to make a statement with her jewellery!


7. Mangalsutra with tiny gold coins


Image source: Anjni Creation


An amazing and unconventional idea, for a bride who is interested in experimenting with her mangalsutra designs! Not to miss the Goddess Laxmi engraving on the coins.


7. The mangalsutra which is inspired by temple jewellery!


Image source: Varna Rekha Collections


So dramatic, so attractive and sooooooo pretty! Love the green and lavender stones and the intricate engravings.


9. The one with roses!


Image source: Manubhai Jewellery


This mangalsutra has simply WOWED me! Not only does it have a dramatic look, but it also has beautiful small rose designs which appear almost real!


10. Mangalsutra with pearls and studs


Image source: Aatman Stories


This mangalsutra almost resembles a crescent-shaped moon, with white studs and delicate pearls!


Which mangalsutra has managed to WOW you?

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