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10 Personalised Him and Her Wedding Cards for the Bespoke Couple

10 Personalised Him and Her Wedding Cards for the Bespoke Couple

A faint memory from years ago was of a couple’s wedding cards – printed separately complete with different designs. It was a bit weird at first but it also gave the bride and groom a chance to express themselves as individuals before they officially became a couple. The idea really appealed to me and therefore, I decided to share some really interesting his and her wedding cards with you.

Let’s take a look at a list of designs for the groom and those for the bride. 

1) The Bookmark Designs

                                          Image Source:ishatangadpalliwar

For the quirky couple, this caricature bookmark design is a unique card. Pick different colours and words that suit your individual styles. We love the simplicity of this card and it can also be reused in the future. 

2) The Minimalist Wedding Set

Image Source: adara_paper

These four gorgeous cards for different ceremonies can be altered according to the unique tastes of the bride and the groom. They are simple yet sophisticated and trendy. 

3) The White and Gold Bridal Card Set

Image Source: vscalligraphyanddesigns

These cards are the best for those couples that wish to add their own touch to their set of cards. You can play with the lettering and content, keeping the design classy and neutral to any theme picked out by the couple. 

4) The Recycled Paper Card

Image Source: pinkwhistleman

Recycled paper comes in a variety of styles, colours, smells and are the most environmentally friendly card that a couple can use. These gorgeous invitations can be altered according to the tastes of the bride and groom. Pick earthy tones like this to add that extra touch of mother nature to your invitations. 

5) The Chic Wedding Card

Image Source: polkadotpaper

Wedding cards that are simple and clean offer a very chic and stylish impression of the bride and groom. A plain black card with minimal words in pink or white is a great way to go. You can play with the colours to personalize them according to your different personalities. 

6) The Floral Bouquet Invite

Image Source: happy.moments.gallery

We know that floral cards are not very versatile when it comes to separate cards for the bride and groom, but this aesthetically beautiful invite along the abstract design can be used for either. Playing with the colours and text on the card will be an added bonus to the couple.

7) The Translucent White & Gold Card

Image Source: polkadotpaper

These cards are simple to design and edit according to the bride and groom. You can play with the font, colour, add a bow to your card, etc. 

8) The Whole Package Card

Image Source: happy.moments.gallery

A brown paper packaged wedding card is definitely one of our favourite things in the wedding world. These tied together cards will be a unique design for the couple who dare to be different. You can also design the inside of the card according to your individual tastes.  

9) The Faux Fan Card

Image Source: vscalligraphy

If you are a fun-loving couple this is the card for you. These cards that fan out will make it easier for guests to keep your wedding information all together. We love the different designs picked out especially for the bride and the groom.

Image Source: vscalligraphyanddesigns

10) The Letter Writing Invite

Image Source: deplumayletras

Letter writing has been an age-old romantic gesture. Including this in your wedding invite will make your card more personalized and heartfelt. We suggest both the bride and groom sign their names or write little notes to the guests they are inviting for their special day. Use fancy stamps and wax to seal the cards. 

Whether you choose to have individual cards or one together, the possibilities are infinite. It is just about finding the card that suits your personality as individuals and as a couple. 

It’s time to get those designs together for that spectacular invitation!

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