10 Poola Jada designs – a must-see for every South Indian bride!

10 Poola Jada designs – a must-see for every South Indian bride!

‘Poola’, meaning flowers and ‘Jada’ meaning braid- Poola Jada is a combination of flowers and metals, intertwined and embellished into a braid for mostly South Indian brides-to-be! Not only the brides, but other women and young girls may also adorn this hair accessory during the wedding ceremony. Not only does this accessory make the bride look gorgeous and dainty, it also has sacred significance and is considered as an integral part of ‘Solah Shringar’.


Over the years, this accessory has got re-invented as a largely floral accessory and is available in a wide array of both offbeat and traditional designs.. The factors a bride-to-be should consider before purchasing one is the colour of her saree, work on the saree, design of the wedding jewellery and the type of embellishments she wants.


Here’s me listing a mix of some floral, some offbeat and some classic poola jada designs I came across:


1. How about this white and pink floral jada with gold ornaments? Isn’t it refreshing and mesmerizing?


Image source: Gautam Khullar Photography


2. An all-floral jada design with vibrant flower patterns, for the bride who wants to keep it subtle and elegant.


Image source: Kranthi photography


3. A classic floral jada paired with gold ornaments, designed in the shape of a Hindu Goddess.



4. Spectacular jada with magnificent, large gold ornaments designed in the shape of Goddess Laxmi- a symbol of prosperity and wealth.


Image source: The Memory Writers


5. A beautiful pick with ornaments resembling the shape of butterfly wings!


Image source: Vijay Eesam & Co.


6. Red and white floral jada with pearl strings and differently-designed dramatic and edgy ornaments! Love this refreshing and unique pick!!



7. Unique jada with leaf-shaped gold ornaments, dazzling the bride’s long braid.



8. A gorgeous, dainty floral jada made up of some bright and exotic flower petals, covering the entire braid!



9. An unconventional floral jada, with a net like design- chic and contemporary!



10. A floral jada with a trailing gold Lord Ganesha ornament!



Ready to show off your beautiful bridal braid?


Images sources: Pinterest (unless specified)

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