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10 Pre-wedding Gifts That Will Make The Two Of You The Happiest Couple In The World

10 Pre-wedding Gifts That Will Make The Two Of You The Happiest Couple In The World

Wedding gifts in itself is a tricky business. So before you receive any gifts from family and friends, think of gifting each other something small to cherish forever. These gifts will also help with the pre-wedding jitters. Here are a few ideas for some pre-wedding gifts.



1. A Set Of Monogrammed Stationery 

Image Source: heeya_s2


Monogrammed stationery is a great way to start off your wedding journey. You can use these to write cards, sign bills, make grocery lists for the future and so much more. One thing we suggest adding to the list of stationery is a diary. Keeping a journal as a couple where you can pen down your thoughts both in good and bad times will help the two of you grow as a couple. Instead of having a fight, write it down, so your partner knows exactly how you are feeling. This method has been tried and tested by many happy couples. 


2. Matching Bathrobes

Image Source: filyadi_signature


Matching bathrobes are a great way of establishing your new life as a married couple. Bathrobes can be sexy. Bathrobes can be used as a prop in your bathroom. Bathrobes are soft and nice to sleep in. As we add to the list of why bathrobes, personalizing them with your names will make the gift extra special. 


3. An Instant Camera

Image Source: lomograph


We spoke about keeping a journal as a couple before. Pictures will make happy memories stronger. This cute instant polaroid camera will help you pile up the memories. You can put them in photo frames or make a collage. 


4. Matching Wrist Watches

Image Source: reyrey555


Wrist watches are the most difficult piece of jewellery to lose. Adding these unique pieces to your wardrobe before you get married will help remind the two of you to always make time for each other, no matter what the situation is. 


5. Couple Phone Covers

Image Source: tshirtsforcouple


We all need a phone cover to keep our phones safe. We suggest these matching ones to use during all your ceremonies. Even if you misplace your phone, you and your partner will find it in an instant. 


6. Emergency Bride Or Groom Kit

Image Source: bridalhaircollective


If you know your partner well, we suggest both of you making a kit for the other to use during all your festivities. This could be a collection of snacks or gum for better breath or even tiny bottles of perfume. Think of all the things that could go wrong and put a little something into each of your bags. 


7. Personalized Letters / Video Messages 

Image Source: _p_e_n_p_a_l_


The days before the wedding may feel that as a couple to tend to spend less time with each other. Write a bunch of letters or record video messages for your loved. You can send these through friends or online. This gesture will deepen your love for each other and create a stir in your heart till the time you say ‘I do.’


8. Spa Vouchers

Image Source: timetospa


A couples spa before your big day is a great way to relax and enjoy each other. Getting massages and your nails done will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to start the next phase of life. 


9. A Personalized Video Game Or Board Game

Image Source: marblelouslypetite


Everyone has done the personalized paintings, caricatures and sketches. Though these are great gifts to give one another, let’s try to think outside the box. Creating a personalized video game for your loved one is a gift from the new digital age. You’ll be able to spend hours playing the game together. A great way to strengthen your love for one another.


10. Personalized Luggage

Image Source: selingga


You will be travelling together from now on. Getting bag tags and similar luggage for each other will make the biggest difference. If both your bags look the same there’s no way anyone of you may forget it.  

So we know we said the happiest couple in the title. But it is the little things and the attention to detail that help build a strong and happy couple.

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