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10 small hidden costs that might shakeup your wedding budget!

10 small hidden costs that might shakeup your wedding budget!

If you are about to plan your wedding, then let me tell you that the greatest battle that you are going to struggle with, is finalising your budget! Shocking, isn’t it? Well, believe it or not, but the minor costs that are often overlooked while keeping a budget for the wedding end up completely  dismantling it.

Well, to keep you well prepared beforehand, here I am with a list of minor costs that you often forget while planning your D-day! Scroll through to update your budget-



1. Alterations


Wedding trousseau requires alterations for a perfect fit. There is a good chance that your perfect bridal trousseau might not have the perfect fit. That’s why it’s imperative that you consider these adjustments when deciding on a dress budget. Depending on the style of the garment, alterations might add an additional  thousand or two to your expenses.



2. Beauty Trials


Having the best possible make-up for your D-day is a must, but did you consider it’s practice session as well? What if the make-up didn’t go as per your expectations? You need to be prepared beforehand, don’t you? Cause let me tell you that trial makeups cost approximately 75% of the cost of the D-day makeup. Well, believe it or not you’re basically doubling your beauty budget! Makeup often requires trial sessions as well, so keep this in mind while deciding your makeup budget. Always ask your stylist to inform you beforehand about the included expenses before you commit.



3. Marriage Licence


Marriage registration may only cost you a couple of hundreds, but the whole process may cost charge you upto a thousand or two. Also, sixty days is the current time limit that is allowed to couples to register themselves for a marriage certificate, but incase you need it urgently, the cost may boost upto 10K and above. Plan accordingly! Cause it might not seem like a lot right now, but every little bit counts in the end! Just remember that time is money, too.



4. Pre wedding bridal regime


Getting the best possible makeup and hairdo from the best designers is definitely on your list, but apart from that you need to take care of your bridal regime as well, don’t you? Getting that bridal glow is not an overnight change. Some brides will get a mani, pedi, anti tan, massage, and facial! What we often consider “splurges,” become necessities before the big day.



5. Bridal undergarments


Now do I even need to put that into attention? You are getting MARRIED and you obviously need some nice undergarments for yourself. So keeping that in mind, choose your lingerie accordingly cause they might look like small piece of clothing but cost a bit too much! Of course, that all depends on the type and amount of lingerie you are aiming to purchase. So act wisely!



6. Diet and Workout


If you have a plan to lose weight or get into that dreamy perfect figure that you always wanted, then be prepared to shed some good amount of money over this as well. The gym membership alone requires quite a lot of money and on top of that, you would definitely need a trainer to guide you. An easy 10-12k is a minimum of what you must be prepared to pay.



7. Mehendi Design


Now, you might think you have booked a designer who quotes his price to be 5000 or so, but the actual charges incurred could go as high as 15-20k. Why? Because, often there are times when the starting cost is only discussed and not the actual cost of the design that you choose on the Mehendi ceremony day. So, make sure to finalise the design and its cost before hand!



8. Travel cost for out of town folks!


Well, if you have out-of-towners coming to attend your wedding then it’s your duty to ensure that cab drivers or vehicles are provided to travel to and fro from the venue!



9. Courier charges


Now, you might have shortlisted a gorgeous invitation card for your D-day but always keep in mind, that the more is its weight, the more is the cost.  Boxes may cost upto 200-400 rupees (sometimes as much or even more than the cost of the box itself) and for invitations its 100-200 per card.



10. Pre Honeymoon expenses


If you are planning to go overseas for your honeymoon, then well, let me give you a prehand estimate of the additional expense which you might not have considered. The cost of passports, visa registration etc. may alone cost you 5K+ easily.



So, ladies, did you recheck your budget? Cause you might need to update it!

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