10 Super cute ideas for your Vidaai Vehicle!

10 Super cute ideas for your Vidaai Vehicle!


Vidaai is one of the most important and emotional parts of the wedding. Where your eyes are blurred out of tears as you embark on the new journey. But that does not mean that your vidaai shouldn’t be fun.


Just like bridal entry, you can try playing music, or you can dance your way out or you can decorate your car matching your wedding theme. You might as well take your car to a florist and get it decorated the old-school way. With the whole personalized, unique and trendy things happening around in weddings, we have listed down a few cool ideas for your vidaai, check them out:  


1. Vintage never goes out of fashion


Image Source: The Wedding Designers


2. When flowers get too passe, we opt for cold pyro fireworks!


Image Source: Picturesque Photography


3. The royal sawari



Ever had an elephant ride? If not then here’s your chance!


4. Up up and away! There they go...



Talk about fancy then here we are! If the height isn’t an issue, then make it your thing.


5. Public transport? Oh, YES!



If you live in a metro city then public transportation is a great option.


6. Sail your way into the horizon



Post your wedding vows catching some waves sound is like a perfect end to a beach wedding!


7. Ahoy! Come onboard for a nautical exit



8. Full Fledged Bollywood exit



Image Source: Payal Kumar


9. An exit like this has to be memorable



The couple decorated an ATV for their vidai and we are A-mazed!


10. Go Kart



Just coz you are married now, you shouldn’t be expected to behave all grownup - you need your share of fun too! Just like this couple.


Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)


So, which one are you picking?

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