10 Things Every Bride Must Have In Her Purse On The Wedding Day. #necessities

10 Things Every Bride Must Have In Her Purse On The Wedding Day. #necessities

1. Tissues
Whether you’ll cry or not, it’s always a good idea to have a bunch of tissues that are within arm’s reach.

2. Pocket Mirror
Because what if you have something in your teeth. :O

3. Power Bank
Either to instagram a pic or to make/receive urgent calls, you need your phone to be charged. You can’t have a dead phone on your wedding day!

4. Mint
Pretty self-explanatory. Avoid chewing gum though, because apart from having bloat-inducing sugar products, it makes you swallow air more often, causing your tummy to bloat.

5. Lipstick / Lip Balm
Make sure your lips look perfect for those pictures!

6. Blotting Papers
With a whole wedding day to go through, it’s only natural that you may sweat or that your make-up may not be the same as it was.  Avoid re-powdering and using more compact because it’ll look cakey or the colour may change. Use a blotting paper that can soak up the oil without spoiling your make-up.

7. Band-Aids
Shoe-bites / broken nail / random bruise / etc.

8. Pins – Safety and Bobby
For the lehenga and for the hair. Don’t let a stitch or strand be out of place!

9. Handy Meds
Keep some painkillers with you just in case you get a headache or something.

10. Perfume
Carry a mini perfume with you to make sure you smell good throughout the day.


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