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10 Things to Include in a Hangover Kit

Weddings make for a great excuse for your guests (you included!) to get drunk. After all, who says no to free ki daaru? The downside? They’ll be complaining about the headache and nausea the next morning. And who wants to listen to that amidst your wedding festivities? Save yourself from their complaints and gift them hangover kits. You can give it as cocktail favours. Trust me, your guests will thank you! You can include these 10 things in the hangover kits-

1. Water Bottle

The tanks full of alcohol is sure to cause some dehydration which will lead to headaches, nausea, tiredness, etc. Keep a water bottle in the kits to remind your guests to hydrate themselves.

2. Small First Aid Kit

You never know what drunk humans end up doing! A small first aid kit with a few bandaids, cotton, lozenges and some paracetamol will be perfect.

3. Mouthwash

Some mouthwash and mints for their smelly mouths sounds nice, doesn’t it? Plus, the mints keep nausea at bay.

4. Granola/Protein Bars

Add a healthy snack for your forever hungry friends. Lord knows they need it!

5. Face Wipes

To refresh them (also, to keep the sweaty faces at bay!) during the pre-wedding functions.

6. Tea Bags

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Add some ginger tea or green tea bags to the hangover kits. It’s a slow cure but tea really helps.

7. Vomit Bags

Yep, vomit bags like the ones you get in aeroplanes. Lifesavers, these paper bags!

8.  Fluffy Slippers

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Fluffy slippers to comfort your friends’ sore feet.

9. Cooling Eye Masks

Gel or cooling eye masks are the best ever. They help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

10. Orange Juice

Source: Tenor 

Lastly, add a small tetra pack of orange juice to the kit. Vitamin C will help them energize and fight off almost all the hangover symptoms. 

Wrap all of these in a cute little jute bag and your work is done!

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