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10 Tips to Make a Creative Wedding Hashtag!

10 Tips to Make a Creative Wedding Hashtag!

When Chris Messina first proposed the idea of using the hashtag as a search engine, little did he know about the popularity of his idea. Everywhere you turn a ‘hashtag’ is present! Unfortunately people aren’t very creative when it comes to wedding hashtags. They just make a word out of the couple’s names. You know you can do better, then why settle on the boring hashtag? Step out of the box and come up with something original and innovative! And if you are stuck in a rut, here are a few pointers that’ll help you to generate a unique wedding hashtag!


1. Brainstorm



Collect the most creative family members and friends and have a brainstorming session with them. Every good idea comes up after a good brainstorm session! Don’t forget to bring them snacks for their hard work!


2. No Shamy!



For the uninitiated few, #ShAmy is a term coined by Penny for Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. Let’s avoid making one word out of two names, okay? That means no #AshAbhi , #KanuBhag etc etc.


3. Punny Spin


Image source: Mahima Bhatia Photography


Everybody appreciates a good pun! Trust me, there is no harm in giving a punny spin to your hashtag! I loved Neha and Samarth’s hashtag- it was #NehaGotDhaone- Samarth’s surname is Dhavan!


4. Grammar Check



Make sure that you capitalise the first letter of each word. For example, #ishaandaveshgothitched is incomprehensible. While #Isha&AveshGotHitched is long but understandable!


5. Stick to the Theme



The wedding hashtag can revolve around the theme of your wedding. When Bipasha Basu got hitched to Karan Singh Grover, their wedding hashtag was #MonkeyBusiness, keeping in sync with their theme. The theme was also included in other elements like the cake and the bridesmaids’ gifts!


6. Combine Cultures



If it’s a love marriage, chances are that two different cultures are coming together. How about making a hashtag out of it? Like #GarbaxBhangra or #ChennaiDoesBalleBalle etc etc.


7. Keep it Simple, Silly!



It is better to keep a short and sweet hashtag than a longer one. Longer hashtags are difficult to remember and to pronounce! Limit it to maximum three words, not more than that!


8. Meaningful


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


Hashtags can also highlight the special moments of your relationships or something meaningful. Yash Dongre and Benaisha Kharas’ hashtag was #ItTook10 cause they have been together since 10 years! It took 10 years for them to tie the knot, hence the hashtag!


Go generate a creative hashtag that will make us proud!

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