10 Tips to Plan a Successful Destination Wedding

10 Tips to Plan a Successful Destination Wedding


Planning a successful destination wedding is no mean feat! Whether it is a location within your country or overseas, a destination wedding involves keen planning, hard work, resources and careful budgeting. Undoubtedly, a destination affair has its perks of a breathtaking view and intimacy, however, it is not all fun and games. Curating a guest-list, making arrangements for guests, travelling to and fro to check out all the preparations, trying to manage your expenses- there are a plethora of things you are to keep in mind. 


Not to worry! If you are up for the challenge, I am happy to help you with a host of tips you should follow chronologically to ensure your destination wedding is a success. I am not saying you will not encounter hiccups and you won’t have to put in effort, but it will be a breeze compared to if you try making this work without any plan.


So, here is a list of tips you must keep a note of and abide by carefully, if you want to avoid any disaster:


1. Pick a meaningful location



Choosing your location is the most important part of a destination wedding. A whole lot of things depend on your choice of location- the weather, the list of wedding venues available, the vendors you could choose from and of course, the aesthetic element. 


2. Recce is very important



A recce of the wedding venue before the wedding is absolutely imperative. Ideally you should be making all the bookings at least 6 months in advance. Moreover, you should personally go and checkout the wedding venue at least a week before the wedding festivities begin.


3. Make a wedding journal



Organization is key!

You should start making a wedding journal well in advance and keep updating it on a regular basis. This should have everything from the guests to the vendor details to your inspirational ideas and more…


4. Keep your guestlist short



A destination wedding means there are chances you might be responsible for arranging and paying for everyone’s accommodation and travel. This means a whole of expenditure, especially if you are planning on calling a whole lot of people.


5. Inform your guests in advance



Your guests will have to book their tickets (in case they arranging for them), take a leave from their place of work and arrange for their outfits well in advance. It is ideal if you let them know the dates a couple of months prior to the wedding, to give them enough time to prepare.


6. Pick your vendors in person



Firstly make sure you choose local vendors to save on the travel cost of vendors from elsewhere. It’s best if you personally meet the vendors and zeroin on all the key decisions to be taken. Don’t depend solely on virtual interaction and phone calls.


7. Allot rooms before-hand



This is very very very important! Try to club people who get along and want to stay together and definitely not in a random basis. Also, allocate the rooms beforehand to make it more convenient for the people. Don’t forget to book a few extra rooms.


8. BYOB to cut costs



Ordering from the bar, especially if you are planning an international wedding can get pretty expensive. It’s best to source alcohol from local stores or you can ask guests to bring their own.


9. DIY Hampers and welcome gifts



This is a super-cute idea which will make your guests feel extremely welcome. It need not be anything lavish. Something small and cute with a handwritten note attached to it can also put a smile on their faces.


10. Pack according to the location



Your clothes and outfits for your wedding ceremony should be according to the location you choose. If it is a tropical location you don’t want to be attending the wedding with warmer clothes, do you?


So, all set to have a destination wedding?

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