10 Ways to Break the Sexual Ice!

10 Ways to Break the Sexual Ice!

Oh, the first night! The marvels of which you’ve heard from your aunts and elder cousins. The song “Rukmini, Rukmini! Shaadi ke baad kya kya hua?” will be on every society aunty’s lips! There is a good chance that you are anticipating the big night where you’ll get to consummate the marriage. For some, it is a fruitful endeavour while for others, not so much!


Unfortunately, the first night doesn’t come with a handy guide. One thing you should know, it is absolutely not necessary to have sex on the first night of your marraige. But if you do, a great way to avoid the awkwardness is an  ice breaker. A bad icebreaker calls for a disaster so please refrain from talking about mundane things like the weather! I’ve compiled a list of icebreakers that work like a charm and will ease some, if not a lot of tension!


1. The 36 Questions



If you and your husband are in a ‘chhat mangni pat byah’ situation, the 36 questions will help y’all to get acquainted with each other. A study by psychologist Arthur Aron on ‘how to fall in love’ went viral in 2015 due to a New York Times article. The psychologists penned 36 questions that make two people fall in love or at least brings them closer. The 36 Questions method is a good way to learn a great deal about each other. It ends with the partners staring into each other’s eyes for 4 minutes straight.


2. Aphrodisiacs



Aphrodisiacs are food items that increase one’s libido. Chocolates, berries, oysters are a few examples of aphrodisiacs. You don’t really need reasons to binge on chocolate but the first night can definitely be one! From what I’ve heard, red wine works just as well.


3. Liquid Courage



Feeling a bout of jitters on the first night? Gulping some alcohol or ‘liquid courage’ as they call it, might help! Not too much though. You don’t want to pass out before or during the main act!


4. Flirtatious Banter



Your husband will appreciate some flirting as much as you will. Engage in some flirtatious banter, rely on small gestures of affection like brushing the crumbs from the corner of their mouth. Go all lahu muh lag gaya if you are comfortable!


5. Be Bold



Take initiative. Express you desires and lay it all out in front of him. Wear a bold outfit if you like. Nothing spells sexy like a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it!


6. Honesty is the Best Policy



You should always discuss your fears and expectations with your partner before you get down and get dirty! It will save you from a lot of disappointments, trust me! While you are at it, reveal a few of your pleasure spots so that they don’t fail at their job and pass with flying colours!


7. Music



Some music and candles to set the  mood would be perfect, don’t you think? No, not Careless Whisper! Make a playlist of your favourites (that certainly doesn’t include Govinda songs) and let music unravel the mystries of the glorious sex!


8. NSFW Shows

Have you ever thought of watching some NSFW content with your significant other? Binging on some steamy shows/movies can crank up the temperature. Netflix and chill for real!


9. Favours



You can shoo away the awkwardness by asking him to help you undress! I mean, how can you possibly remove all the jewellery and the heavy lehenga all by yourself? Agreed that on the day it will be like peeling an onion for him, but sabr ka fal meetha hota hai, meri jaan!


10. Dance Party



Loosen up. Have a private dance party! Yeah I know you guys will be tired, but it’s worth a shot! You can be like Jack and Rose from Titanic or like Ram and Leela from RamLeela, the choice is yours! Dance is a great way to break the tension. Trust me on this one!


I hope you don’t need these ice breakers and everything is smooth for you. But if you do, you know where to come back!

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