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10 Ways to Prepare for any Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction

The big day of your life that you planned over and over again has finally arrived. A day that has to be more than perfect is finally here and you want it to be perfect. However, its an event and things could go out of hand when you least expect it and a wardrobe malfunction is common. If you have a wedding planner like Jennifer Lopez from the wedding planner, then you’re the luckiest bride in the world because she literally accounts for all the malfunctions that keep coming up during the wedding right from straps splitting to consoling a relative. If you don’t have a JLo by your side, then get your closest friend or your sister to pull of a JLo to keep Murphy’s law in check! 

But you are a millennial bride and not without a reason, you know the mantra “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Let’s see how you can be more in command of an undesirable situation.

1) Dress Rehearsal

Image Source: Instagram

Always have one. There are so many casual calamities you can wade off, just by doing a dress rehearsal. It keeps you in control during the actual event. And let’s not deny, the excitement of a dress rehearsal is always double.

2) Club Soda

Image Source: Shireen louw

Lipstick, wine, food, anything can suddenly become anti-gravity and can just land on you. It’s almost a disaster that was meant to be. But a club soda is your best friend. The bubbles can soak up any stain magically. Keep a bottle handy nearby.

3) Fashion Tape

Image Source: Popsugar.com 

The blessing in disguise that can fix  Stitches coming apart. Buttons falling off. Or a neckline that refuses to stay. The Fashion tape will rescue almost anything. It instantly covers the situation, pun intended.  Carry one in your purse as a matter of rule.

4) Instant Adhesive Glue

Image Source: Sea Salt and Pepper

A must in your bag. It could be a broken earing or the heel that got stuck somewhere. You will be grateful you carried a tube. 

5) Extra Shoes

Image Source: Himisspuff

Cause it’s not always the bride in suffering. It could also be your bridesmaid. And can you imagine the shower of blessings you will receive when you rescue the damsel in distress?

6) Clear Nail Polish

Image Source: Leyanore

If you are afraid of dropping a gemstone.  Or you need to secure buttons. Or even a broken nail. A bottle of clear nail polish has more roles to play than you can think of. Just apply a coat and sit back a little. Now you are back in the game.

7) Hair Spray

Image Source: bestwalkingshoereviews

It’s not only for keeping your hairdo in place. Spray a generous amount on the sole of your stilettoes. It ensures a good grip on smooth surfaces. It also makes sure you won’t be a laughing stock bride of a bride. Now walk down the aisle confidently!

8) Static Spray,  Lint Rollers

Image Source: TheSpruce

For no fault of yours either your dress is sticking to your body unforgivingly or your clothes are attracting lint due to static. It’s not a pleasing sight. Keep lint roller and static sprays ready. Your friends will call you wise. 

9) Safety Pins and Sewing Kits

Image Source: paulcrawford

This is to salvage a wardrobe malfunction of any level. .Need we say more? You can almost bet someone will be asking for these and you can pat yourself mentally for being prepared.

10) Hair Emergency

Image Source: Brennabigsphotography

Though this may be a little drastic it never hurts to have some pins and fancy broaches on you. For heavy hairdos, if not done well may start giving away under the weight. If that happens don’t sweat. Just shake off the hair from the updo, gather and secure in a decorative broach and you seized the day.

Now that you’re well equipped with your malfunction essentials, go and break a leg!

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