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10 Wedding Day Disasters and how you can curb them!

10 Wedding Day Disasters and how you can curb them!


It’s hard to imagine anything going wrong at your wedding after spending endless hours, effort, sweat and most important of all the huge sum of money! All you expect and think of is for things to fall in falling in place and you sailing flawless (With a capital F) through the entire wedding.


But how much ever you try to make things better, something will anyway go askew and we are here to help you avoid these mishaps with these simple ways:


1. You forgot to carry something to the wedding venue



Whether it’s something super important or something small, forgetting your wedding day item is a great blunder. But, it’s not the apt time to panic.

Precaution: Make sure to create a checklist of all the things you need to carry to the venue – from things of highest importance to lowest

Damage Control: So, get your zen mode on and think and brush it off. Will it make any difference if you don’t have it? It it does, then you can always ask a family member to go get it or buy a new one. Ask any of your vendors, they usually have common wedding items handy or where to get the stuff in a blink.


2. The old Indian family drama



Weddings are not over until there’s some drama. Either you Phupha ji is upset for not being personally invited on the stage at reception or any of your guests gets angry for their dietary needs are not considered.

Precaution: Make sure you do personally invite all the guests and keep them entertained at the events

Damage control: Well, these scenes are bound to happen in Indian families, deal with them with utmost cool, hardly letting it affect you!


3. Inclement weather – It starts raining!



Mother nature doesn’t need an invite! Thanks to its perfect timing, rains are not limited to the monsoon season. The best thing you can do is to be prepared and have your plan B ready for the potential weather conditions.

Precaution: Be aware of the weather forecast and do a historical weather check done.

Damage Control: If it starts to rain a day or two right before the wedding day, then get some pretty tents and rain-sheets, or have umbrellas or simply have an indoor venue setup, just in case!


4. Monster makeup



If you have one or more makeup artists attending to you, your mother and other relatives or you haven’t had a makeup trial, there are chances you will end up with some monster makeup!

Precaution: It is a must to run through makeup trails and understand how you would look or what kind of makeup will suit you. Have a backup makeup artist.

Damage control: First-thing-first, get the monster makeup off you and call for another makeup artist or ask your vendors for another makeup artist for a rescue.


5. You wake up with a giant zit



You sure will take some extra measures to look the best at your wedding, by either going on detox for healthy skin or by losing weight. But you cannot be sure about a zit to pop up and it heartbreaking to have one just before your D-day.

Precaution: Take good care of your skin starting 2 months before your wedding and avoid fatty and junk food!

Damage Control: A right anti-acne cream can help to subside the pimple and if it doesn’t work, then apply some toothpaste to flatten the bump and the redness can be covered with a good concealer.


6. Wardrobe malfunction



Whether the bride or her bridesmaid, having a zipper stuck or button falling off are the common mishaps.

Damage Control: If you have a stuck zipper, then rub a candle over the zipper to ease it up. If that doesn’t work, then safety pin is a savior you must look for!

P.S. have a sewing it packed with your emergency supplies.


7. Music mishaps



Imagine you are all prepared for your sassy bridal entry and the DJ plays the wrong music.

Precaution: Under such scenarios, it is wise to have your friend or your cousins right next to the DJ so that the correct music is queued and played at the right time.

Damage Control: Be cool when the DJ plays the wrong music, pull it off with a smile till he changes the song to the correct one!


8. Power outage



Power outage can happen anytime.

Precaution & Damage Control: As a ground rule to a wedding, indoor or outdoor, make sure all the power backs like generator and inverters are operating well!


9. You run out of booze



Didn’t expect your guests to drink so much?

Precaution: That’s likely to happen, keep a few hidden bottles for such emergencies!

Damage Control: All you have to do is call for more alcohol from the same vendor for better rates.


10. Killing stilettos and heavy lehenga



How much ever perfect bride you try to be, you cannot pass the whole night in high heels and heavy lehengas.

Precaution & Damage Control: While you plan to wear the best lehenga at your wedding, a back up dress isn’t a bad idea. Stash up a second lightweight dress and a pair of flats in case you need a quick change at your reception or the after-party.


Did you have any such wedding mishaps? How did you handle them?

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