10 Wedding Expenses Hiding in Plain Sight!

10 Wedding Expenses Hiding in Plain Sight!

Indian parents start collecting money for their children’s wedding from the moment they are born. Poor guy isn’t even a day old but a FD for 20 years is already against his name! In today’s day and age, it feels like my wedding will cost me my entire khandan’s kidneys! Indian weddings can cost you a bomb and literally create permanent holes in your pockets. In fact, the not so sweet Mehangayi Dayaan will hover over you the entire time! While you’ll be busy thinking about the big kharchas, the hidden costs will suddenly make an appearance in front of you. Save yourself from being bamboozled at the last minute by keeping a track of every hidden cost when it comes to wedding! Below is a list of 10 that you forgot to account for while setting a budget.


1. Overtime


Image source: Shutterdown


Well, we always run a little late, don’t we? Sometimes the baraat reaches 2 hours after the given time while sometimes youngsters extend the party timings. Unfortunately, the venue and vendors are available only for a stipulated period of time. You’ll have to pay up for the extra hours!


2. Baraat


Image source: Photoz Aapki


The wedding band or baraat band is notorious and quite infamous when it comes to money. In certain situations they refuse to stop the ghodi or let the groom down unless they are paid a hefty price. Looks like blackmail, na?


3. Tips



From the waiters to the drivers, you’ll have to tip everyone. Not measly 10-20 rupees, but good 100-200 rupees each! But it’s okay, they deserve it!


4. Alterations


Image source: Recall Pictures


Once in a blue moon a bride finds a lehenga that fits her perfectly and doesn’t need any alterations. Chances are that you’ll need to get lehenga and other ensembles altered not once, but 155765353 times! And each alteration will cost you, honey.


5. Makeup Trials


Image source: Shevan J Photography


Just like lehenga alterations, each time you demand for a makeup trial, you’ll be charged. I know, I was shocked too! I thought trials are for free!


6. Hotel Accidents



At every wedding there is one kid who wrecks havoc. We playful dub them as ‘Rajdhani Express’ for they are unstoppable! They break everything and then make that face Po is making. Who will pay for something that kid breaks/destroys? You!


7. Wedding Crashers



Remember the movie 3 Idiots when they gate crashed their dean’s daughter’s wedding? Apparently that is a common sight! People just sneak in, eat the food and leave! It’s difficult to spot wedding crashers in a sea of guests. Account for these extra plates too!


8. Priest’s Dakshina

Image source: Ram Bherwani Weddings


By the end of the rituals the pandit’s dakshina magically doubles. We can hardly refuse them the money, can we?


9. Gifts for Parents


Image source: The Wedding Story


Parents deserve a gift not only cause they arranged and even financed half of this wedding, but also cause they have been nothing but generous towards you from the moment you were born. These lovely beans deserve to be pampered and you CANNOT act like a miser when it comes to them!!


10. Fancy Flowers



If you are under the impression that a peonies themed decor will be of the same cost as rose decor, honey you are wrong! Flowers are fancy and expensive. Vary vary vary expensive!


Yeah I know..I am hosting a ‘let’s cry cause we are broke’ party soon. Do Come!

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