12 Fun & Naughty Games For An Unforgettable Bachelorette Night

12 Fun & Naughty Games For An Unforgettable Bachelorette Night

All you maids of honour out there, are as important as the wedding day is, the bachelorette most definitely takes the number 2 spot on the wedding festivities list. That last night/week of singlehood for the bride is one to be celebrated. As the maid of honour, let your creativity flow and get naughty with the games at the party.  


1) Put A Ring On It

Source: BridalAhower101

Things you need: Chopsticks, Gummy rings or Polo

This game is simple and a lot of fun to play, especially when your team has shot back some tequila. Everyone gets a chopstick and passes on a gummy ring from one person to another. Playing this in teams make it more competitive.


2) What’s On Your phone?

Source: Etsy

Things you need: Your phone, a list of questions, pens.

A simple game that requires barely any props. All you need to do is finish the list below using your phone. The person with the most points wins. The person with the least points, well punish them as you like!


3)  The Advice Game

Source: Etsy

Things you need: A print out of the game below, pens for the guest.

This game can be made both meaningful and naughty. Let your guests pour their advice out for the bride using the simple guidelines. It is a great gift for her, one that she can treasure forever.


4) Beer Pong All The Way

Source: Bargames101

Things you need: Red Cups, A table, Ping Pong balls.

This is a classic party game. It entices your competitive energy,  also getting your opponent inebriated. Playing this with your favourite girls will make your party amazing and a night to remember.


5) Tying Cherry Stems.

Source: Tumblr

Things you need: Full cherries with stems.

This short game is both fun and adds a bit of suspense to your party. Ever wondered how people tie cherry stems? Your party will help you learn. 


6) Kiss The Bride

Source: MyWedding

Things you need: A lipstick, a picture of the bride or a piece of paper

This game can be played in two ways. In the first version, you try to get lipstick on the picture of the bride keeping the lipstick between your mouth. In the next version, you draw answers according to questions regarding the bride.



7) Cold Feet

Source: Pinterest

Things you need: A shallow tub, Ice, RIngs

With a tub, some ice and toe rings or curtain rings this game will leave your feet cold but will stir up a lot of laughter. Play in teams to make it more competitive and fun.  


8) Scavenger Hunts

Source: Cosmopolitan

Things you need: A list for the hunt

Every camp or picnic is incomplete without a scavenger hunt. Adding this game to your party with a few twists is a great way to get the competition going. This one from Cosmo is both fun, trendy and naughty. 


9) The Bar Hopping Race

Sources: Pinterest

Things you need: A list of bars

Split into two teams list out a number of bars to visit, drink their signature cocktail and the first team to cross the finish line are the winners. A great game to get to know each other.


10) Bobbing For Apples

Source: Pinterest

Things you need: Tub, Water/ beer, Apples or any round fruit.

A century-old game will bring back childhood memories. Use beer instead of water for the liquid to make the game crazier. 


11) How Old Was She?

Source: Sobinique

Things you need: Pictures of the bride through the years

This game is perfect for life long friendships. Guests guess how old the bride is in the picture display. The one with the most points wins. 


12) The Lingerie Game


Source: Shopbop

Things you need: Every guest is asked to bring some extra lingerie.

Let the naughtiness out in your guests. Put all the lingerie in one bag and ask the bride to pick and guess the person the lingerie belongs to. 


Go forth and unleash the fun and naughtiness before your big day.

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