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12 Gift Ideas for the Newlywed Millennials

12 Gift Ideas for the Newlywed Millennials

Pleasing this ‘I. Me. Myself.’ generation aka the Millenials is no mean feat. Imagine choosing a gift for two millennials instead of one… may God help you! The very thought of impressing the insta-addicts makes me shudder. And imagine if you want to impress, please or simply think of buying them a  ‘great’ wedding gift that they approve of – is a daunting task! But don’t lose hope.


I am here to cover for you and save you from going on a wild goose chase. From utility options to cutesy romantic ones to luxury items, you have a host of options to pick and choose from. And what’s best? They aren’t even unreasonably expensive! Can it get any better? I think not!


Here’s a list of gift options they will thank you for (not only on social media):


1. A personalized chopping and dicing board for the foodie couple, who loooooves to cook together!


Image source: Home Wet Bar


2. How about this super-romantic heart shaped picnic box- an ideal gift for a weekend getaway!


Image source: Etsy


3. You can save yourself from spending a fortune by purchasing this budget-friendly, heart-shaped mould- ensuring the couple enjoys heart-shaped rotis, omelettes, parathas, toasts and more…


Image source: Amazon


4. For the tequilaholic couple! Did anyone say, “The couple who drinks together, stays together!”? Ummm, well I just did 😛


Image source: Uncommon Goods


5. Framing the exact location where it all started- Romantic much?



6. For the couple who loves cliche and of course spending some time together!


Image source: USA Woman


7. A newlywed has enough reasons to celebrate every ‘first’. Give them a huge supply of wine and Voila! They will be high and happy!



8. Gift this to the couple who loves cooking, hosting parties and spending time in the kitchen!


Image source: Tstars


9. A game of scrabble which doubles up as a classy frame.

Did anyone say Paisa vasool?


10. A millennial couple spends a lot of time watching web series together. Gift this and make the couple go head over heels. Netflix and Chill, literally!


11. Talking about utility, what’s better than gifting the couple a contemporary crockery set?



12. A smart home device for new-age couples sounds like a brilliant idea!



Get. Set. Shop! What are you waiting for?


Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)


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