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12 Quirky Wedding Invites to Impress Your Guests!

12 Quirky Wedding Invites to Impress Your Guests!

Imagine this – You have just received a wedding invite. It is the same old card paper, mediocre in design, ordinary and just about average. You have read it, and keep it aside. There is a  99.9999999% chance this card either ends up in the newspaper pile with other papers or straight into the bin. Well, your well-spent money is now in a trash bin on its way to the landfill!


You don’t want something happening with your wedding invite, do you?


An invite is the very first glimpse of your wedding. It is imperative that you make your wedding invite impressive enough to grab eyeballs and make it memorable enough for guests. It should be a perfect blend of unique, creative, impressive and it should complement the overall theme of the wedding. And most importantly, it should be about your spouse and you, i.e., it should reflect your personalities!


It doesn’t need to be extra colourful, complicated, OTT or unnecessarily expensive for it to be considered impressive enough. You will be surprised to see the amazing wedding invites you could come up with, well within your desired budget. Cards in the form of puzzles and quizzes, ones which require 3D glasses, DIY invites and funny ones-there is a plethora of options available to choose from.


Here’s me listing wedding invites which were nothing less than a breath of fresh air:


1. A DIY wedding card made out of cardboard paper and the coloured parts made out of litho paper. A brilliant chic wedding invite idea for couples who want it eco-friendly!


Image source: Etsy


2. If you are a ‘travelholic’ couple and thrive on adventure, then this moving compass is best suited for your guests. It has all the important dates and events.


Image source: Creative Market


3. A creative 3D wedding invitation card with the agni kund (around which the couple takes pheras) as a pop-up!


Image source: Webneel


4. The couple’s caricatures in the centre, while highlighting the important events of their long-distance relationship- is a unique and fun idea!


Image source: Invitations by Vineeta


5. For starters, I love the pun element in this wedding invite! Who would think of something as quirky as sending an invite in a matchbox?

Image source: Invitations by Vineeta


6. Surprise your guests with a balloon invite, which they will have to inflate if they want to know the details. This is certainly DIY with a TWIST!


Image source: Creative Market


7. This couple opted for a rustic-themed wedding invite to complement the overall theme of a wedding in the woods! It also has a map, some buttons, and hand-carved pencils.


Image source: Creative Market


8. A fun and interactive wedding invite which has walkable characters in the form of cut-outs!

Image source: Creative Market


9. For a foodie couple who wants their wedding invite to not land up in the bin!

P.S. this couple better ensure they serve awesome food at their wedding!  


Image source: BRIT+CO


10. Eva Gabor once said. “Love is a game that two can play and both can win.” Looks like the quote was taken too seriously by the couple who went in for this Monopoly inspired wedding invite.


Image source:Woman Getting Married


11. A wedding card invite in the form of a jigsaw- super-creative and quirky!

P.S- Try to not keep your guests puzzled for too long.


Image source: BRIT+CO


12. This decoder invite is a fun and interactive one. It comes with a pair of 3D glasses for your guests to put on if they want all the wedding details!


Image source: BRIT+CO


Put on your thinking cap and let the creativity begin!

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