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13 Alternative Stones Perfect For Your Engagement Ring

13 Alternative Stones Perfect For Your Engagement Ring

13 Alternative Stones Perfect For Your Engagement Ring

Don’t let the famous saying – ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, take you away from the world of gemstones. They can lighten up a ring in the most striking form, making it unique and yours to cherish forever. Besides, who doesn’t like to stand out a little? 

With that being said, we don’t suggest that you completely do away with the king of stones, but try giving these beauties the center stage this time?

So let’s leave our attachments with diamonds behind and look at 13 different stones perfect for your engagement ring, shall we?


1) The Pink Sapphire

Image Source: Eragem



This gorgeous stone stands for loyalty and trust, making it a favourite after the reigning king of gemstones, ‘The diamond.’ The colour is an important part of these precious stones. Darker hues tend to be more expensive and look oh so beautiful.


2) Rhodolite


Image Source: Etsy 

Rhodolite when translated into greek means ‘Rose stone’ and are as gorgeous as ever. As a garnet, these stones paired with a rose gold band will sparkle on your finger in luminousience. 


3) Emerald


Image Source: Etsy

Go green with this stunning gemstone. It’s a part of the big three stones that are rubies, emeralds and sapphires. This stone is apt for your engagement ring because it is subtle, yet poised while giving off a very ‘The man is now mine’ vibe. Hollywood actress Hilary Swank was spotted wearing a rare emerald ‘colombian ring.’ 




Image Source: Beadage

Find a ruby as red as blood and let it stand out on your engagement ring. Rubies are said to offer warmth and virtue as a gemstone. Katy Perry’s flower shaped ring with a ruby at the centre makes you believe in love.


5) Blue Sapphire


Image Source: Eragem

Blue sapphires have been in the royal family’s jewellery box since the inception of royalty. Kate Middleton proudly wears her mother-in-law, the late Princess Diana’s oval blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring. 


6) Aquamarine

Image Source: Etsy 

This beautiful light blue-green stone is perfect for those to-be brides who aren’t into a lot of colour. These stones can even pass off as diamonds, though they are not as strong.


7) Canary Yellow Diamond


Image Source: Alexisdiamonds

We’ve tried our best to keep diamonds off this list, but these precious stones are hard to ignore. They tend to be on the more expensive side of engagement rings but can make any ring shine in glory, making your symbol of commitment look like a ray of sunshine.


8) Blue Topaz


Image Source: Etsy

This is very similar to an aquamarine and these stones are not even expensive.They are striking and will catch all your girlfriends’ attention.


9) Garnet


Image Source: Etsy

Garnets signifies love, passion and fire which is perfect for your journey to come. If you want to be original and uncommon without spending a lot, a garnet engagement ring is the way to go.


10) Pearl


A pearl engagement is as rare as finding one in an oyster. Pearls are for those who the classic appeal. If you are still concerned about the durability of the ring, then we wouldn’t recommend placing a pearl on one. 


11) Opal


Image Source: Etsy

A stone that represents faithfulness is a must have on a list of engagement rings. The darker the opal, the most expensive your ring will be. These gems however require a lot of care.


12) Topaz


Image Source: Etsy

Another blue gem stone, the topaz is breathtaking on rings. White gold and topaz are a match made in heaven.



13) Tourmaline


Image Source: Etsy

These stones are priced on the different colours it comes in. Pink and green tourmaline gemstones are gorgeous and make for beautiful engagement rings.


Don’t let the sparkle stop you from being unique. 

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