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14 Honeymoon Essentials To Pack in Your Trousseau

14 Honeymoon Essentials To Pack in Your Trousseau

Honeymoon is the right time to soak in marital bliss, isn’t it? The grass is greener, the skies are clearer and everything seems to be painted in the colour of love! How does one pack a bag when one is on a honeymoon high, daydreaming about all the *ahem* possibilities *ahem*? To avoid saying “Sh%^, I forgot to pack it!”  here is a digital checklist of all the things that you need to pack in your honeymoon trousseau!


The Kinky Basket


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the honeymoon is just a fancy word for a ‘sexcation’. If sex is on the cards, you definitely need to pack these kinky things!


1. Protection



First and foremost, protection! Pills, condoms, femidoms (female condoms) absolutely anything that sails your boat. Stack’em.


2. Lingerie



How about some sexy lingerie to up the ante? It will be like a cherry on the top of your sexy-sundae! If you are wondering about what kinds of lingerie you should carry, just read this blog!


3. Aphrodisiacs



Not that you need it (wink wink, nudge-nudge!), but why don’t you carry some aphrodisiacs with you? Apart from chocolates and pistachios, carry the sexiest perfume you own. Axe and other brands exaggerate it but it’s true, perfumes do act like aphrodisiacs to an extent!


4. Music



Some music to set the mood, maybe? Please please don’t play ‘careless whisper’ for it will transport you to lobbies and elevators of Indian hotels!


5. Role Play Items



Playing dress-up? Dressing up as something your partner fantasizes about is a thrilling experience! You know about their preferences more than anyone else, so why don’t you surprise them with some role play? Adding some toys is a good idea too!




1. Sunscreen



The holy grail, sunscreen, needs to be in your bag whether you go to Australia or Canada!


2. Sanitary Napkins/Tampons



My mother told me ki periods are a lot like guests- bin bulaye meheman! Tampons and sanitary napkins are available in every nook and corner, but what if you are travelling or emergency strikes during the dead of the night? Better yet, switch to menstrual cups


3. Cleansers



Travel size face, body and hair cleansers are the best! Don’t be dependent on those hotel bathroom kits – their quality is really bad! Don’t forget to cover the cap with plastic before you pack them in your honeymoon trousseau.


4. Body Lotion



A body lotion is a must even during the summer! You want to keep that soft supple skin of your moisturized, right? Then drop a bottle in  your toiletries pouch!


Medical Kit

It is advisable to carry a medical kit with you everywhere you go. Assemble a couple of bandaids, antiseptic liquid, cotton balls, scissors and a small tube of framycetin sulfate (like Soframycin) in a pouch and you are good to go!


Other Knick Knacks


1. Passport



I know this is a ‘duh, obviously!’ moment, but many people forget to carry their passport when they step out of the house! Even if you are travelling within the country, carry it for identification purposes.


2. Booking Confirmations



Make sure you have hard copies of the hotel/rental car bookings and flight/train tickets. Always handy!


3. Identification



Carry all your identity cards just to be safe. And carry a couple of photocopies too!


4. Makeup


No harm in carrying some makeup with you wherever you go!  You can just pick up the emergency makeup pouch you made for the D-day!


Psst..psst! You can even arrange for a surprise for your boo! Like a romantic picnic by the sea or a bubble bath where you can sip on some champagne! Just ask the hotel employees to help you, they’ll be more than happy to help you!


You may thank us now and please, don’t be zoned out when you pack for your honeymoon!

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