15 bite-sized food items that you must include in your wedding buffet! #trending

15 bite-sized food items that you must include in your wedding buffet! #trending

Nibbles or noshes have become quite a craze at Big Fat Indian weddings and the attention they get these days only proves that this European trend is here to stay, for long!! Plates full of food or the conventional three course meals have been glaringly replaced by bit-sized foods and the guests simply love it. It’s because they are different, tasty and of course you don’t end up messing your hands.


If you think only small portions have become a trend, you’re thinking wrong!!! In reality people are going gaga over bite-sized fusion foods or more international and global flavoured foods. Whether it is something tangy, sweet or spicy, traditional or contemporary, everything is getting it’s bite size. From a traditional food item like vada pav to caviar crackers – everything is available in small, teeny weeny portions.

Interesting, right?


Here are some lip-smacking and delectable bite-sized portions and finger foods that you can surprise your guests with:


1.Soup-er shots





Hot creamy tomato soup in shot glasses with a mini cheese toast is a good bite-sized option for a winter wedding or an outdoor evening wedding.


2. Sushis on a roll!



This rice and seafood based dish, originally from Japan has made its place on Indian taste buds as well!


3. ‘Wow’ffles




Mini waffles with different flavours and topped with marshmallow, nuts, chocolate, sprinkles and candy are quite a rage amongst those with a sweet tooth!


4. Nuts about these!



These gluten-free bites filled with nuts are a good option for those slightly health conscious guests who are counting the calories.


5. Chaat cones




If there was an award for a dish that stuck around in weddings the most, the lifetime achievement award would go to chaats! We need them in some form or the other. If not in a traditional way, serve them in ice cream cones and add the extra crunch.

P.S- Do whatever you can, you cannot get rid of the almighty chaat!


6. Quinoa pizza balls



Imagina a pizza being health? A little too difficult to imagine? No problem!

These quinoa pizza balls are super healthy, packed with a pizza flavour? And we believe in miracles…..!


7. Our ‘cherry’ pick



Imagine getting the lip-smacking burst of flavours of a cherry pie in a small-size? We don’t need to say much.


8. Caprese sticks



One thing Indian guests love doing is discussing dishes they haven’t heard much about. This is one such dish!

A toothpick holding a tomato, basil and a mozzarella ball, with a glaze of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper- this dish is less messy and less hassles.


9. Caviar crackers




Crackers with a bit of cheese or sour cream, radish or spring onions and of course a blob of caviar or fish eggs!

P.S-This is a bite-sized food option for those who have quite a budget for their wedding.


10. Pretzel sticks



A less messy but very exciting sweet treat is pretzel sticks dipped in some colourful and tasty flavours.


11. Shrimp cocktail




Definitely a delight for the seafood lovers at your D-day!

This dish with sumptuous seafood in a yummy sauce, served in a cocktail glass just never gets old.


12. Cannoli bites



Sweet ricotta filled in pastry shells, topped with chocolate are tasty, crunchy and your guests won’t stop at one!


13. Cucumber pinwheel



Cucumber rolled in with cream cheese, avocado puree and a bit of garnishing is a good pick for the guests who are obsessed with counting their calories. You don’t want them to go hungry, do you?

P.S- You could also add a bit of ham to the rolls for a non-vegetarian option.


14. Parmesan chicken bites



Small, bite-sized chicken pieces, golden fried and absolutely crispy, topped with parmesan shavings.

Mouth-watering and yummyyyyyyyy!


15. Puffs




You could have a variety of small, bite-sized puffs like spinach and cheese puffs along with mashed potato puffs. It is sure to be a super duper hit at your wedding!!!


Which snacks are you planning to have at your wedding?


Image source: Pinterest

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