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15 Cool Brother Of The Bride Duties

Shoutout to all the brothers of the brides! Honestly tell us, how many times during a fight with your sister have you ended up saying “jaldi shadi kardo iski, peecha chootey isse!” I have heard that multiple times from my brother! But trust me, the day when you see her decked up as a bride, you just don’t feel like letting go of her! That’s the kind of relationship siblings share. From being your enemy to the first critic to the person who opens the door for you at midnight after you come home from a late night party, she is your partner in crime. 

Being the brother of the bride you may think you don’t have much of an important role to play but that’s not true. Weddings are an occasion where every family member plays a crucial role. From being the greatest support for your sister to getting involved in her excitement for her special day, there are various duties a brother has to do. 

It’s a part of your duties to make sure that everyone at the wedding is having a good time, especially your sister. So, though you may be well aware of your duties, we have come up with a short list of things you can do for your sister to make her special day even more special. 

1. Be there for Her

It’s her wedding, she will always want to be with someone from the family during this fun filled chaotic day. To-be-brides get cranky at times. You are going to have to always be at her service. Be it becoming a driver, an errand boy, advisor or just a stress buster, she will need you. She will thank you for it. 

2. Taking her Out for Salon Visits


 Pre-wedding is all about non-stop shopping and going from one market to another, getting the perfect Chuda or the perfect footwear for her. Along with this come the endless salon visits which can get boring and hectic for her. Be her personal assistant and accompany her for these salon visits. You never know you may get to know some of her secrets just before she goes!

3. Taking Care of Important Vendor Meets

Give her that ‘me time’ by getting quotes, dealing with vendors, negotiating the price etc. She will definitely appreciate the effort taken and also will keep her calm in the ongoing chaos. 

4. Plan a Fun Filled Outing with Cousins


It can be her favourite club or a pyjama party at home or a farmhouse with just your cousins on the guest list. I mean what can be better than having your cousins recollect all your memorable years spent together (over a beer or her favourite drink of course!)

5. Surprise Her, Now is the Time!

We all love surprises, she would too! Make her a handwritten card with letters from everyone wishing her the best for the new phase of life. You can also make her a video with all the people she loves sending her loads of love and best wishes before her D-day! I’m sure she will be moved with this gesture so be there with a hanky in case she drops a tear or two. 

6. Dedicate a Special Sangeet Performance for Her

There will be many performances for the day but yours should be special. Pick a song you think describes your bond the best and see her face light up!

7. Being the Right Hand 

As a brother you will have to do many things; manage your relatives, your parents, vendors, etc., so make sure you are available whenever and wherever you are needed. This helps a lot trust me. 

7. The Venue Check

So it’s finally here and you make sure that everything is in place. From the vendors to the seating arrangements to “Panditji aaye ki nahi?”. Doing last minute alterations before the band baaja baraat arrives. 

9. The Grand Welcome

Image source: GM Wedding Photography & Films

This is huge! It has a lot of importance if you don’t want any ‘roothey hue Fufajis’ for not being given the attention while welcoming them. Some Hindu traditions believe the groom is the avatar of Lord Vishnu and hence they wash his feet, apply tilak and welcome him with a flower garland along with others.

10. Walk her Down the Aisle, in Style!

Image source: Ashwin & Jhalak

This is a very special moment for a bride, so be by her side holding her phoolon ki chaadar and escorting her to the stage. Hold her hand to show that you are with her throughout. This will definitely ease her nervousness a little. 

11. The Traditional Joota Chupayi

Image source: Artfoto

Gang up with the bridesmaids/saalis and plot a full-proof  plan to steal the joota. You can’t let the groom’s side win man!

12. Two Together 


Make sure you both have a lot of clicks together. I know with the wedding it may be a little difficult but you can ask the photographer to make sure to click candid pictures of you both so that you can save it as a lifetime memory.

13. Make Sure She is Well-fed

Image source: Uzma Azami

Believe it or not, most of the times the brides will not be able to eat at their own wedding! There are guests coming constantly to the newly wed couple, the photographers and videographers constantly filming them making them even more awkward while eating. So as a caring brother that you are it’s your duty to make sure she is fed and is hydrated too! Appoint a person if you’d like to to make sure she too enjoys the delicious food out there! 

14. Write a Farewell Speech


C’mon boys this is the only time no one is going to judge you for being a little sentimental in public. Write her a heartfelt speech full  (in a funny way if you wish) of memories and how you are going to miss her. Basically a speech that is ‘Awwwww – some!’ 

15. Saying the Final Goodbye

Image source: THE BRIDES OF ASIA

Though you have always been strong, tearing up seeing your sister go doesn’t take long. Hug her tight, tell her that you will always be there for her no matter what. Tell her she can rely on you in any situation. These words mean a lot to a bride who is departing from her beloved family. 

That’s all you got to do! Though she may have found another main man, nothing can replace YOU! You will always hold that special place in her heart!

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