15 couple portrait ideas for getting framed!

15 couple portrait ideas for getting framed!

When it comes to couple pictures or portraits- I love cliches, cheesy pictures, mushy moments and intense shoots, and I am 99.9999999% sure so does every to-be-couple!!

A picture with your loved one is not just a picture, it is a feeling, an emotion and a memory which you could go back to each time…


There are innumerable poses, locations and angles you could choose from, to make your picture the perfect one! Every couple picture is special in its own way. But, some pictures are just drool-worthy and gives you goosebumps in a glimpse.


I have handpicked 15 such stunning couple pictures that are worth being framed and won’t just lie in your wedding albums, stashed away forever:


1. Kiss of love- The perfect, mushy click for a romantic couple!


Image source: WeddingBells Photography


2. So intense, so intimate and so enviable!


Image source: Gaurav Hingne


3. Unmatchable shot of a pilot couple which broke the internet!!


Image source: Shades


4. ‘You light-up my world’- This couple brought life to this feeling!!


Image source: Amrit Photography


5. This couple is giving us major #RoyalVibes with this perfect shot!


Image source: Amrit Photography


6. A simple, yet majestic and mesmerizing click- a must-have in your pre-wedding album!


Image source: Amrit Photography


7. When we don’t know what to focus on more- the backdrop or the couple?


Image source: Amrit Photography


8. Steamy and Seductive- this couple has raised the photoshoot bar!


Image source: Reels and Frames


9. Making most of festivities!


Image source: WhatKnot


10. This photographer is goals for those who want to ‘focus’ on the angles!


Image source: Gautam Khullar Photography


11. What better backdrop to have than the epitome and symbol of love?

I am in loooove with this click!


Image source: North Water Star


12. The couple chooses to pose right in the middle of the road and it is romantic and super-filmy!


Image source: North Water Star


13. When you are contemplating on how to get the most offbeat picture with regal feels- this one is awe-inspiring!


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


14. The photographer has taken this click a step, no, rather a mile ahead by merging two mushy poses into one.


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


15. Simple, elegant and poised!


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


Ready to get clicked with your loved one?

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