15+ Gorgeous Paayal Designs for the bride’s feet!

15+ Gorgeous Paayal Designs for the bride’s feet!


Anklets, also known as ‘paayals’ or ‘pajeb’ are one of the most important elements of bridal jewelry that compliments the bride’s feet! It is one of the sixteen adornments of an Indian woman (solah shringar) that makes her look more attractive and more complete.

They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and patterns and enhances the bridal look. So, if you are looking to fill your new home with the chan-chan-chan of a new paayal, here’s me helping you pick one!

Here are our favorite paayal designs worn by real brides:

 1. The tribal paayal:


2. The paayal with gemstones & dainty pearls:

3. The paayal with ghungroos:

Image Source – The Wedding Story


4. The kundan paayal:

 5. The chunky silver paayal:

Image Credits: Art Capture


Image Credits: Artfoto Studios

 6. Customised paayal for the swag bride:



7. The paayal with an attached toe-ring:

Image Credits: Romesh Dhamija

8. The paayal with the golden touch:


Image Source: Whatknot Photography

9. The gold and silver paayal:


Image Source: Shweta Poddar

 10. The chunky golden paayal:

Image Credits: Camera Crew


11. Paayal for the minimalist bride:

Image Credits: Anupa Shah

 12. The statement paayal:

Image Credits: Morvi Images

 13. The 3 layered paayal:

Image Credits: Cupcake Productions

 14. The heavy paayal:

Image Source – Morvi

15. The payaal that’s totally extra:  

Image Source – Wedding Nama


P.S. Paayals are said to be deeply rooted in the Indian culture, as a symbol of good fortune! So make sure you do pay some importance in shortlisting this for your beautiful mehndi-laiden feet!

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