15+ Minimalist mehndi designs for the brides who like to keep it simple.

15+ Minimalist mehndi designs for the brides who like to keep it simple.

Every bride likes and deserves to decide her look for her wedding day. Her mehendi plays a large part in completing her bridal look to a great extent!

Having said that, not all the brides like to be covered up to their knees and elbows in henna, no matter how beautiful and gorgeous the design might just be. So, for all the brides who think less is more, here are some minimalistic mehendi designs that you can go for -


1. With intricate patterns on the fingers and wrist:



2. Minimalistic cute patterns on your feet which dont cover up the entire foot:


Image Source - The Wedding Salad

3. With the haath-phool style :



4. With the anklet effect:


Image Source - Shutter Down Photography


Image Source - Tania Seth


5. The one with the bold hearts & checkered patterns:



Image Source - The Wedding Crasher


6. With dispersed motifs:




7. With the broad checkered pattern:


8. The glove styled mehendi:



9. With open-spaces in between:


Image Source - Israni Photography



Image Source - Gautam Khullar


10. The Mandala (circle of life) inspired patterns:


Image Source - Shades


Image Source - Karan Sidhu Photography




11. With layered patterns:


Image Source - Gautam Khullar


12. The Sole story:


Image Source - Roshan Mishra



13. The half-n-half designs:




Image Source - Foto Walle




14. The arabic design:



15. Barely there patterns:



16. Finger mehendi:



Wont shy away from mehendi now, will you?


Image Source - Pinterest unless specified.

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