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15 Minimalistic and Creative Couple Tattoo Ideas

15 Minimalistic and Creative Couple Tattoo Ideas


When you are with your loved one I am sure you must have experienced that some days are sheer perfection, while some are a bit messy and there are days when you want to pull your hair apart! Situations and emotions are constantly under change. Sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to even express your loved one how much he/she means to you. Yes, you will need a constant reminder and so will your partner and what’s a best reminder than something as permanent and cute as a couple tattoo?


A tattoo is not just something you flaunt for others to see, it in fact is a gesture or mark of your love and relationship. It is not a lucky charm that you might lose or a quote that you might forget, its significance lies in the fact that it is permanent.


With celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Deepika Padukone, Kaley Cuoco and Heidi Klum, having to either remove or rehash tattoos which were once an ode to their lovers, I am sure the idea of getting couple tattoos must be causing the jitters. But, I have a solution for that too! Ditch the idea of getting large, extremely colourful tattoos or ones with your partner’s name. Play it safe (Smiles in an evil way) and get a minimalistic one, for you and your better half.


Here are some quirky, cute and super mushy tattoo ideas you must bookmark for you and your loved on:


1.A cross, heartbeat and heart- all blended into one perfect tattoo! While one has opted for ‘One Love’, the other has complemented well with, ‘One Life’.



2. There is nothing more romantic than you and your loved one’s hand intertwined. It is a feeling of love, support and togetherness. The cherry on the cake is how uniquely a heart is created out of this!


3. This couple got coordinated and cute avocado tattoos! A quirky and fun idea, right?


Image source: Cultura Colectiv


4. The yin and yang, a concept belonging to the Chinese culture is a symbol denoting that the universe is governed by cosmic duality. This tattoo is symbolic of how two opposite energies or people come together as one force.


Image source: Cultura Colectiv


5. A tattoo based on the famous ‘Beauty and the Beast’ story by Disney!



6. A tattoo inspired by the famous tetris game- symbolizing how onn partner completes the other perfectly.


Image source: Bellestilo


7. I am in loooove with this unique and cute tattoo idea. If this doesn’t make your heart melt, I don’t know what will?


Image source: Tattoo Easily


8. Are you an Avengers Fan? If yes, this Superman and Wonder Woman tattoo is a perfect pick!


Image source: Glaminati


9. A teeny weeny tattoo to remind you of the bond you share with your loved one!


Image source: Sumcoco Blog


10. How cute is this infinity and beyond tattoo idea?


Image source: MUJERDE10.com


11. Suuuuuuuuper-mushy and cute Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse tattoo idea for a couple who is in love with these characters!


Image source: Society19


12. Want to opt for something ‘hatke’ and offbeat, then this is a perfect pick for you and your loved one!


Image source: funMary


13. Minimalistic and super simple! Also, less pain 😛


Image source: funMary


14. For the couple who is a house on fire when the are together!


Image source: Livingly


15. Doesn’t this just make you go, “Awwwwwww”?



Are you convinced and ready to get inked?


Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

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