15 Must-See Quirky Table Centrepieces Ideas for your Wedding Decor (no, not floral bouquets)!

15 Must-See Quirky Table Centrepieces Ideas for your Wedding Decor (no, not floral bouquets)!

With Indian wedding decor becoming quirkier, more whimsical, interesting and creative; there is no stopping when it comes to experimenting with different elements of it. One such element which has caught everyone’s attention over a period of time is table centerpieces. Gone are the days when candles and flower bouquets were the heroes in this domain!!


Guests tend to be seated at the tables for most part of the wedding ceremony and having a nicely done-up table at your shaadi can be a brilliant idea to impress your guests. From vintage ones to contemporary centerpieces and from edgy ones to quirky ones; you have a long list to choose from.


Here’s me listing the creme de la creme of wedding table centerpieces:


1. Elegant and classy terrarium vases with fairy lights.



2. Combination of a vase, glass bottle and a chic wooden photo frame- perfect for a rustic wedding!



3. Snacks stand and chai glasses- a must try for a chic mehendi ceremony!


Image source:  Devika Narain & Co.


4. A colourful desi table centerpiece with dancing miniature statues.


Image source: Phil Chester


5. A subtle tiered centerpiece for a contemporary wedding decor.


Image source: Recall Pictures


6. How about you go in for vintage tin boxes instead of vases for flowers?


Image source: Blume Photography


7. Bright coloured water cans- a perfect table centerpiece for an afternoon wedding ceremony!


Image source: 1 plus 1 studio


8. Small carts with flowers or fruits can be a great idea to up your shaadi decor game!


Image source: Parul Khurana

Decor by: Aash Studio


9. Brass coloured bottles and test tubes with flowers- quirky much?


Image source: Kirti Virmani

Decor by: Atisuto Events


10. A table centerpiece resembling a truck, with genda flowers and pinwheels- slaying it in desi style!


Image source: Rani Pink Love

Decor by: Aviraj Saluja


11. Pickle jars as table centerpieces.


Image source: Shreya Sen Photography

Decor by: Altair Decor


12. Using sailboats as centerpieces for a nautical-themed wedding brunch!


Image source: Shreya Sen Photography

Decor by: Altair Decor


13. Totally love these ferris wheels as table centerpieces for a carnival-themed wedding!


Image source: Rani Pink Love


14. Spray painted pineapples instead of vases, as flower holders.


Image source: Devika Narain & Co.


15. A vintage gramophone sat atop a layered centerpiece with bright flowers, elegant tea cups and mats resembling embroidered mats.


Image source: Fotowalle

Decor by: Designer Events Inc


Have you found the ideal centerpiece to add oomph to your decor?


Images sources: Pinterest (unless specified)

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