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15 Naughty Cakes that are Bachelorette Party Worthy!

15 Naughty Cakes that are Bachelorette Party Worthy!

The concept of throwing a bachelorette party for your best girl has become quite popular over the years. I mean are we even ‘wedding’ ready without a bachelorette?

I am proud to say that with each year, girls all over are taking crazier steps than ever when it comes to enjoying the bride’s last official single night!   The exotic locations, the party games, truckloads of alcohol and of course, the strippers (now don’t panic, this last bit is optional!).


Is it even a bachelorette party if you don’t have crazy tidbits to reminisce about over the years? It is also the time to let go of all inhibitions and let your hair down… literally! And this can begin with a cake – a cake that sets the tone for the fun night it is going to be. A must in every celebration, it’s a must for bachelorette too. No, I don’t mean the regular round cakes with chocolate icing. I am talking about the juicy ones which are hard to eat with a straight face. The naughty ones, baba!


The bride-to-be deserves a special naughty cake for her last night of freedom amongst her best friends and strippers. For extra effect, order one which oozes with ‘white chocolate’ once she cuts it! Below are some naughty cake ideas that my team and I have fallen in love with, maybe your bride to be will too!


1. The frosting looks good, doesn’t it? Don’t lick your lips now!



2.  ‘To Have & To Hold’ has a whole new meaning!



3. Motorboating and How!



4. The right kind of bubble bath!



5. Well, it’s worth the money!



6. Aha, finally a bouquet that I like!



Who wants a flower bouquet when a dick bouquet is here?

P.S- Can you spot the condom?


7. Cum on! It is a good cake!



8. Building Dick, Not Air Castles



9. The dolls are quite accurate



10. Honestly, the zebra print caught my eye!



11. The Surprise Every Bride Deserves!



12. The detailing on these cupcakes is perfect!



13. Ouch!



14. What a way to congratulate the couple!



15. If the real stripper doesn’t make it…



Image source Pinterest unless specified!


It is hard to look away from these cakes, isn’t it?

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