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15 romantic & creative proposal ideas to help you get that ‘Yes’!

15 romantic & creative proposal ideas to help you get that ‘Yes’!

“Will you marry me?” Countless number of girls are waiting for their mate to pop this very question, and countless dudes are freaking out over how they will ask this. Some of the best marriage proposals are sweet and simple, and others are so elaborate that it’s hard to plan a wedding that can actually top the excitement of the big question.


Check out this curated list of some ah-mazing proposals ideas from all around the web which will take your breath away:


1. The Paris proposal:





Paris proposal!

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 Image Source – My Photographer in paris


2. The fairy lights proposal:



3. The proposal on a floating bed of roses:



…. and with the candles by the side:



Looking forward to all the holiday proposals. Happy thanksgiving! 🍁🦃

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4. Will you be my forever proposal:



5. The surprise proposal under the tunnel of fairy lights:



6. The going on the knees and proposing like a gentleman proposal:



7. When the lady proposed:




Role reversal @montecristotravels

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8. The hot-air balloon proposal:



9. Going all out proposal:



Congratulations @sinemhyt ❤️

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10. ‘On the beach’ proposal:



The proposal happened the weekend of 4th of July in which he had told me he was working and wouldn’t have been able to drive back home. Sergio is in the army stationed in Fort Bragg North Carolina, so I understood that it’s hard for them to get a break. July 2nd, me, my mom, my cousin, and future mother in law all went to the mall to go look for a dress for an upcoming wedding. It was around 5 when we drove back to the beach condo my parents own and I had a feeling he was going to be maybe hiding in one of the rooms in the condo so I wanted to walk in last but when I walked in, there was no one just my dad. I put my stuff down in my room and my dad started to call me over he was saying he needed help on the balcony, my heart started to race I wasn’t even out on the balcony to see what was awaiting for me because it was so large. My handsome solider dressed in a white button up carrying a box and a bouquet of roses, standing in a huge sand heart filled with various colored rose petals with the words “MARRY ME?” across the top of it. It had began to rain which made it even more romantic. I bolted out of the condo ran down the stairs, ran through the gates to the beach in which I was surrounded with an audience clapping from the balcony’s and from under the pier. I ran straight to him, he got down on one knee and said the words every girl waits their life to hear “Emily, will you marry me?”. It was like I was in a movie I will never forget that day and I’m so lucky to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and soul mate ❤️

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11. On the edge of a cliff literally:



Gorgeous proposal in Yosemite 📷@damianrileyphoto

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12. ‘In midst of surfing’ proposal:



Congratulations @chels_romano and @flexnwake 💍

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13. The surprise proposal:



So, months ago while my fiancé was deployed, I won a photo shoot with the amazing dakaiphotography! When my fiancé returned home in May, I could hardly wait to set up our shoot! Dakai and I set up a date and a few weeks before the shoot he had texted me asking if I would be okay with doing a mock proposal shoot for a magazine he was wanting to send photos into (I know, I know, there were clues and I was clueless lol) I of course said yes, he then said he’d like for us to write down a few sweet nothings for each other just to “grasp the real emotion in the photos”, again I said of course! The day finally arrived and I was so excited, my fiancé and I started shooting and everything seemed super casual and normal, he brought a few vendor friends for an arch and all, but again I thought we were shooting for a possible magazine so I figured it was just all part of the plan. When they tried setting the arch up, the ground was so hard, we couldn’t dig holes deep enough to place the poles in. Dakai was so adamant that we shoot in that location that he went out of his way to come up with a solution and alas the arch was up with help from some rope and two people holding it up at either end! I figured he just had an artistic vision that he wanted executed! Dakai asked for the papers with our sweet nothings, which I FORGOT, yup, totally forgot, I didn’t write any🙄 When my fiancé , who literally never remembers anything without me having to remind him seven thousand times said that he remembered to write his, I should’ve known something was up, but again, I was completely naive to it all. I said a few, random “I love you’s” and “you’re wonderfuls” may have even thrown in a “you have a nice butt” comment 🤦🏼‍♀️and then it was his turn, as he was reading I remember thinking “wow these are deep he took these seriously”, but again THOUGHT NOTHING (crazy I know), he mentioned how two years ago to the day was our very first date, he then started to put the paper in his back pocket as he slowly knelt down and pulled out a ring…no no not just a ring, THE ring, the exact ring I’ve wanted for so so so long.

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14. The snowing proposal:



Credit @luba_litoshko

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15. The doughnut proposal:



16. With the biggest ever ring proposal:



“If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If we were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one.” Michelle Hodkin 😍 Do you want your proposal to involve such ring? (You can swim in it later 😉) … . . Photo by @nada139 Our congratulations @rananicola and @iamrizkk . . #engagementring #shesaidyes #bridetobe2018 #heproposed #groom #ido #engagementpics #weddingproposal #engagementpaket #perfectproposal #engagementphotos #mrandmrs #engagementphoto #engagement #justengaged #futuremrs #propose #willyoumarryme #bride #surpriseproposal #weregettingmarried #imengaged #soontobemarried #wifetobe #engagementgift #gettingmarried #myfiance #imgettingmarried #hitched #marryme

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