15 wedding videos that will take you on an emotional joy ride!

15 wedding videos that will take you on an emotional joy ride!

Your wedding pictures will be a timeless memory of all the important moments at your wedding. But your wedding video will be a lot more than that! Your wedding video will be everything that’s left unsaid in all those pictures.



Here’s listing some of my favourites which will remind you why you need to book that wedding videographer right away. Scroll down to have a look at them all:


P.S: Keep tissues handy 🙂


1. Bipasha and Karan’s wedding video:

Best bit: The lines ‘Jaan ban gaya” really stay in your head for a long time!


2. A royal wedding:


Best bit: A blue blooded guy courts a real life princess, they make the long distance work and have their ‘happily ever after’!


3. Sugar and spice:

Best bit: When the groom says, “For me the wedding is a wedding, for her it’s a larger-than-life thing”

And she says,”He can wear pink with red or orange with black! He has no taste.”

Then he says, “but I love her”! *awwww*



4. A big fat indian wedding:

Best bit: Each and every frame is a visual treat to the eyes, telling you bit by bit about all the rasams of an Indian wedding!


5. A destination wedding like no other:

Best bit: The couple took their friends and family to the place where they fell in love and then took their wedding vows!


6. Of a couple madly in love:

Best bit: When the father of the groom says, “ I haven’t seen a couple so happy at their wedding in 57 years of my life.”


7. A full blown desi wedding on the foreign land:

Best bit: You get to see this couple’s love story through the eyes of their friends and family and its just so beautiful!


8. Kishwer and Suyyash wedding:

Best bit: When the groom is talking about how nervous he was to ask his bride’s hand from his mother-in-law!


9. #Shailoom:

Best bit: This video literally took the social media by storm and their love story is just too cute to miss.


10. A destination thailand wedding:

Best bit: When the father of the bride says, “4 years Kushal(groom) was coming to my house, I thought it was to meet my son as they are BFF’s. It was only later I realised it was for Kavya(bride).”


11. A destination Udaipur wedding:

Best bit: All the goofy bits about this couple so truly-madly-deeply in love!


12. The crazy couple:

Best bit: When the groom tells the story about his surprise proposal and how he got the ring size wrong, got fussy about it and not hear his lady-love say “I DO” .


13. The destination Goa wedding:

Best bit : Their cute office romance story of how they first met!



14. The funny couple:

Best bit: When the bride says, “He had all the pizza and I had all the wine”

And he says, “that’s when I know, I found the one.”


15. The roller coaster of emotions one:

Best bit:  This one takes through you all the emotions that a girl goes through at her wedding!


Well well, I hope you would have laughed, cried and laughed again with all of these love stories, and here’s hoping you have all the ideas in mind about how your wedding video is going to be like!  


Cover Image Source – The Wedding Nama

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