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20 Different And Useful Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Actually Want!

20 Different And Useful Wedding Favors Your Guests Would Actually Want!

None of your guests should feel that pinge of guilt post your wedding when they decide to throw that not-so-useful wedding favor. So you need to make sure you give your guests something that they can actually use.

We know it can be a little hard to find something that’s unique and useful at the same time but you don’t have to think too hard as well. Just think of the everyday items that you use and love, or even better – think about what gifts you would love receiving. Guess what, we’ve already done this exercise for you 🙂

We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite wedding favor ideas to help you find the perfect one for your wedding guests:

1. Beauty Essentials:


Image Source – Vintage Nutters

How cute are these vintage bird cages for wedding favours at your wedding! These cages are filled with a set of personalised body lotion, shower gel and loofah and can be filled with something else too later on.

Image source – White mirage invites.

If you wanna add a traditional touch to your wedding favours, we suggest these ethnic pouches filled with all the beauty essentials!


2. Artificial Jewellery:  

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image Source – Vintage Nutters

Artificial jewellery like these bangles & earrings is the safest bet as a wedding favour, also because it’s something that your guests will definitely use some time later.


3.Hangover kit:

Image Source – Puneet Gupta Invitations

If you are planning to get your guests crazy drunk at your wedding, we say it’s your responsibility to make them feel better the next day morning too! A hangover kit will be heartily appreciated when your guests get up the morning after!


4. A unique box:

Image Source – Studio Works Co.

We are loving this antique brass and glass curio box which is perfect to be reused by your wedding guests and will never go to waste. You can also fill these boxes with a lot of gifts inside like chocolates or sweets or anything that you fancy.


5. Dry-fruits and tea:

This one’s a classic and never gets old. You can also swap the basic tea with kahwa to add the ‘something-different’ factor for your wedding favor box.


6. The junk-trunk:

Image Source – Elan Invitation Boxes

These super cute trunk boxes filled with everyone’s favourite snacking options will be a much-loved wedding favor by your guests. They can also be used as a small travel case by your guests later on!

7. The bridesmaid’s favour :

Image Source – Pinterest

Your bridesmaids have put in their time, energy, money, creative ideas and tried to be on their best behavior for your whole wedding scene. We say they deserve a little extra than the other wedding guests. A bridesmaid box with beauty items like hand lotions, face masks, etc and a cute love note from your side is a super-cute yet simple way to thank your BFFs!


8. Something sweet:

Image Source – Pinterest

Well it’s true, all we need is love and a little something sweet! What better than candies & cookies to keep your guests happy once they return to their homes post the tiring wedding ceremonies.


9. Popcorn:

Image Source – Pinterest

Well the picture says it all. A jar full of popcorn seeds with a simple message on it is such a different & useful idea for your wedding guests!


10. Chocolates:

Image Source – Pinterest

Ain’t nobody saying no to that!


11. A little beverage:

Image Source – Pinterest

Well who among your guests would not be a tea/coffee person? Hardly anyone right!


12. S’mores:

Image Source – Pinterest

Marshmallows and chocolates sandwiched between crackers??? Treats really don’t get better than that!!


13. Plants:

Image Source – Pinterest

How about styling your wedding favors with elegant plants? We think they make a classy votive.


14. Something minty:

Image Source – Pinterest

These tasty and useful favors will add a little ‘minty-sweetness’ to your guests’ reception table, and later find their way into their purse or pocket!


15. Quirky bag tags:

Image Source – Pinterest

How cool are these quirky bag tags? We are sure your guests would really love them!


17. A peg to remember:

Image Source – Pinterest

These personalised shot glasses will be be a major hit among all your wedding guests – ‘A shot to remember’ who won’t like that?


18. Midnight snack:

Image Source – Pinterest

These would be some handy packets to give to your guests. They will make a great gift for your guests when hunger strikes them :p


19. Tattoo favors:

Image Source – Pinterest

Are tattoos the new wedding favors? We say yes!! You can mark your wedding dates, wedding hashtags or something related to you as a couple on your wedding guests for a few days post your wedding.


20. Fortune Cookies:

Image Source – Pinterest

Surprise your guests with an edible table flavour with a twist!

Show some appreciation to your wedding guests with this curated list of 20 different and useful wedding favors your guests will actually want!

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