20 Invitation Card Designs to Check Before Getting your Wedding Card Printed

20 Invitation Card Designs to Check Before Getting your Wedding Card Printed

Looking for the perfect wedding invitation card design? You have stopped by just are the right place! Wedding invitations are one of the top priorities before the real wedding begins. Finalizing a wedding card design that matches with the theme is favored by most couples these days. It’s like the invitation card sets a tone for what’s the wedding going to be like.


With no dearth of creativity in the wedding card design market, you will find everything from a quirky invitation card design to a basic and simple design! Depending on what you prefer, and keeping in mind the theme of your wedding, pick a wedding card that pleases and reflects your taste. And to make your search a tad easier, I have put together a bunch of invitation card designs that you can check out before heading to the printer.


1. The simplest invitation card design for the no-fuss couple



Nothing quite beats simplicity, does it? If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a bomb printing your wedding invite, then a simple wedding card design like this one is a great pick! It does the job and looks elegant too!


2. Wedding card design with calendar and couple photos



This invitation card design is a little elaborate, but so much fun! Put your wedding date’s calendar along with a few of your pictures! This wedding card design works especially if your wedding events are spread over a couple of days!


3. Dainty laser cut wedding invitation card



If your choice of wedding cards is simple yet dainty and elegant, then a laser cut invitation card design like this one is a fantastic pick!


4. Jharokha style Indian invitation card design with inserts



If an extravagant wedding card is something that you want for your big day, then this jharoka style invitation design is a good choice! It has a desi vibe and looks royal at the same time!


5. 3D invitation card design with traditional motifs



Got a traditional invitation card design in your mind. But want to give it a hint of modern touch? This 3D card with Indian motifs is a good inspiration to pin to your board.


6. Invitation card design with bold, royal and vivid print



A bold and eye-popping use of graphics and colors never fail to make an impression when it comes to wedding card designs! If you aren’t the one to shy from experimental designs, then this wedding card is just for you!


7. Plexiglass wedding invite with lit up wording



If you love being EXTRAAA, and wish to go all out for your big day, then a unique invitation card design that has a plexiglass which lights up is nothing short of a stunner! Sure to be remembered by your guests for a long, long time!


8. Wedding invitation in a passport style template




A passport style invitation card design makes total sense if you are planning to have an international destination wedding. It is keeping in mind the theme of the wedding and something your guests would definitely treasure!


9. A wedding invitation card that doubles up as a photo frame



We all know house useful invitation cards are once the event is over! They go directly to the raddi wala. Why not save a lot of paper and make an invitation card design that also doubles up as a photo frame?! Save this amazing idea for later!


10. The invitation card design that lists and explains the events on the wedding day



A wedding invitation card with detailed events is a good idea if you are having a cross-cultural or inter-religious marriage. This helps explain every detail of the wedding to those who may not be aware, and for those who already know the events, it’s just some extra GK! 😉


11. The vinyl record style wedding invitation card for the music-loving couple



Got a bunch of music lovers in the house? This vinyl record wedding invite is a total winner!


12. Wedding card with intricate design and unique cover



If you are a fan of intricate designs and unusual packaging, then this gorgeous invitation card design is something to definitely draw inspiration from!


13. The extremely casual and fun invitation card design



Got an intimate wedding with a few close ones? This fun and casual wedding invite will ensure that all your guests look forward to the big day!


14. A simple wedding card with the couple’s graphic portrait



Fancy having a couple’s portrait on your wedding card? Hire a digital artist to make one for your. Put it on your card and design a simple invite to make it look chic and elegant.


15. The photo-memory wedding invite



If you are a couple who loves clicking pictures and has a bunch of great ones saved during your courtship, then a wedding invitation design like this one is just the perfect choice for you. Pick a couple of your best pictures together and print them along with the invite to give a personal touch!


16. Wedding invite for the lover of vibrant colors



Vibrant colours make for the perfect desi wedding invitation cards! Pick a bright and eye-popping colour and use simple fonts and accents to make your wedding invite stand out in a sea of reds and golds!


17. Papyrus style old-school invitation card design



If you both are old souls and love a bit of storytelling and poetry, then this papyrus style invitation card design is a fantastic option to consider for your big day.


18. Pop invitation card design for a hint of quirk



Pop-up greetings are passe! Pop-up wedding invites are the in thing! Get one customised with your portraits or cute cartoon figures and watch your guests go awww!


19. Wedding card design that’s also a boarding pass



Has the travel bug bit you both? Can’t wait to be together on every journey of your life? These boarding pass wedding invites is something to definitely consider if you live for #wanderlust!


20. Old-style scroll in a box kind of wedding invitation



A vintage style scroll invitation is something that will never go out of style. Customise it with modern hints and you have a great 2019 style wedding invitation card design ready!


Now that you have seen some of the best invitation card designs of 2019, I hope your search has become a lot easier. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more such latest invitation card designs! 

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