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20 Pattu Saree Latest Trends for South Indian Brides

20 Pattu Saree Latest Trends for South Indian Brides

Pattu sarees are ubiquitous to South Indian weddings; there’s no denying that. But picking the perfect bridal pattu saree for your big day can be quite daunting, especially when there are 1000s of designs in the market. Right from gold pattu sarees to white ones, there are endless colours, patterns, motifs and textures you can find on a pattu saree.


And that’s why, just to make your search for wedding pattu sarees a tad bit easier, I have curated a list of 20 latest pattu saree designs worn by real brides on their big day. And if you are looking to check out pattu saree with price, then their range starts from ₹5000 and goes upto ₹50,000 and beyond, depending on the quality of silk and embellishments used. These pattu bridal sarees you buy for your wedding can later be used as a party wear saree too! Got a pooja at home? Rock this beauty! 


1. The sunshine yellow pattu saree


Image Source: Ashwin Kireet


A simple yellow Pattu saree design with a pale gold border like this one is perfect for the bride who believes that less is more. This Kanjivaram saree not only looks simple and elegant but is comfortable to carry for a longer duration too. If plain sarees are your weakness, then buying something like this can be used later as well.


2. Seafoam green Pattu saree with gold butti


Image Source: Sruthi Kannath


Seafoam green is an unusual colour for a bridal Pattu saree. But if you are one of those unconventional brides who wants something different on their wedding day, then a Pattu saree like this one is perfect for you. 


3. The classic Pattu saree combo of royal blue and pink



Royal blue is festive colour like no other, and its combination with pink creates a stark contrast that looks breathtakingly gorgeous. If you don’t shy away from wearing something bright and eye-popping on your big day, then pick this combo!


4. The quintessential red Pattu saree for wedding


Image Source: Zero Gravity Photography


Red is a bridal color is every culture possible. And if you too are a bride who wants to wear something traditional for your big day, then picking a simple red Pattu saree with gold border is a good choice. 


5. The unbeatable Pattu saree color combo of gold and red



The color combination of red and gold is absolutely stunning. And when  you put that on a Pattu saree you get a quintessential bridal masterpiece. Pick a heavily designed maggam work blouse to go with this kind of saree. Check latest maggam work blouse designs here! 


6. Shiny copper Pattu saree with pink border



If you are not the bride to shy away from wearing dark colors on your wedding, then this deep copper Pattu saree with bright pink border is a total winner. Pair with an embellished blouse to take your bridal look to the next level. Also, designs like these can be used as a party wear saree sometime in the future. It’s a win-win!


7. Beige and white Pattu saree design for the no-fuss bride


Image Source: Bhargavi


Are you a bride who loves simple styles and traditional designs? If you answered that in a yes, then a beige or white uppada pattu sarees like these are the ideal option to pick for your big day. Since these wedding sarees are simple, they can also be used as a party wear saree post-wedding. Pair it with the latest temple jewellery designs and you are good to go!


8. Striped pattu saree for the offbeat bride



Striped Pattu saree designs are a little offbeat as compared to Pattu sarees with buttis and gold thread work. If you are looking to wear something different on your big day, then choose a striped saree in your favorite color and pair it with a contrasting blouse like this beautiful bride.


9. A rusty-black pattu saree for the hatke bride


Image Source: Bhargavi


Think you are bold enough to pull a black Pattu saree on your big day? Pick something in shades of black with a contrasting border and you are good to go! This design here is a great option to have in your saree collection anyday!


10. Aquamarine blue Pattu saree for the summer bride


Image Source: Vipin Photography


Got a summer wedding coming up? Need something cool and bright to don on your big day? Look no further than this serene aqua blue Pattu saree that is sure to make you shine brighter than the sun!


11. Simple orange Pattu saree design with lotus motifs


Image Source: Focuz Studios


If simplicity is something that you are aiming for you bridal look, then an elegant orange Pattu saree with lotus or any other motif of your choice is just perfect. Pair it with jewellery of your choice to complete the look.


12. Solid parrot green Pattu saree with contrasting maggam work blouse


Image Source: Zero Gravity Photography


Since most guests at a South Indian wedding wear kanchipuram sarees, nothing will make you stand out from the crowd like a bright parrot green pattu saree. Pick a plain saree and pair it with a brightly contrasting blouse to look every bit of a diva on your main wedding day.


13. All-gold Pattu saree with deep maroon blouse


Image Source: Vipin Photography


Gold in all its form is timeless. If you too are a fan of this color, choose an all-gold Pattu saree design with elegant overall buttis and an embellished border. Team it with a maroon or red maggam work blouse to finish the look.


14. Bright sea-green Pattu saree with gold accents


Image Source: Zero Gravity Photography


In a sea of bridal reds, sea green is a color that will set you apart. If you don’t mind experimenting with colors, pick an uppada Pattu saree in this shade and rock it like nobody’s business. Tip: Colours like these make for a great party wear saree too!


15. Orange pattu saree with overall gold buttis


Image Source: Focuz Studios

Image Source: Focuz Studios


Orange is another color apart from red that looks bright and vibrant. Pick any shade of orange Pattu saree design with overall gold buttis and border for your wedding day. You can either pair it with a green or pink blouse or keep it simple by designing a blouse of the same color. You can shop these designer sarees online easily at any store you like! 


16. For the love of pastel Pattu sarees



Finding an elegant pastel shade of Pattu saree is rare. This icy blue Kanjivaram silk saree is what bridal dreams are made of. Pair with gold and diamond jewellery to create a rather modern and sophisticated look on your wedding day.


17. Gold and royal blue Pattu saree design


Image Source: The Triangle Services


Royal blue color is called royal for a reason. It looks festive, vibrant and makes for the perfect bridal Pattu saree that you can ask for.
Pro tip: Choose something that has a broad golden border to make sure that the blue isn’t overpowering!


18. Silver Pattu saree with minimal embellishments



Gold is traditional, but silver is contemporary. If you are bride who loves to mix traditions and modern style, then a silver pattu saree like this is just the perfect pick for your wedding day.


19. Off-white Pattu saree with pink border


Image Source: Focuz Studios


Can we all agree that nothing looks more enchanting than an off-white Pattu wedding sarees? Pick something like this if you aim to create an elegant bridal look for yourself.


20. Rose pink Pattu saree with bright green maggam work blouse


Image Source: Focuz Studios


Rose pink is a beautiful color. What enhances its beauty is shades of gold thread work. If you don’t mind having bold motifs on your wedding Pattu saree, then by all means choose something like this bride. Once again, pair with a contrasting blouse to finish the look.


Now that you have seen the 20 best Pattu saree designs of 2019, I hope it has given you are fair idea of what you can rock on your big day. Pro tip: Always remember to check some wedding sarees online to know your likes and dislikes before going bridal saree shopping. 

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