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25 Home Makeover Ideas for the Perfect Intimate Home Wedding

25 Home Makeover Ideas for the Perfect Intimate Home Wedding

Intimate home weddings are in vogue and for all the right reasons. Though more of a need in a pandemic stricken world, new-age Indian couples seemed to have embraced this wholeheartedly and how! While it is true that the pressure of planning a quintessential big fat Indian wedding no longer exists, however, home weddings too have their own set of challenges. One of the foremost ones is well, making the ‘home’ marriage ready.

No matter how small the gathering, in a home wedding setup the emphasis is all on the experience and comfort certainly counts as one of them. It is important to think about your guests who belong to all age groups and plan keeping this in mind. Revamping your home is also not entirely dependent on your space or the size of it. Even seemingly small yet thoughtful elements can change the game significantly and render your home more presentable.

Keeping the above factors in mind, we’ve listed 25 such elements that you can use to beautify your den. And the best part is, there is something for every pocket in here (so don’t worry about the pennies) Investing in thoughtful home products/elements can also serve you and your family in the long run, hence we’ve picked accordingly 🙂  So let’s get started to turn your home into your wedding venue!


Replacing, discarding or adding new furniture to your home is a great way to start revamping your concrete abode. Afterall, ‘shaadi ka ghar hain!’ Some thoughtful additions and clever placing will go a long way in rendering your space vibrant, spacious and comfortable, just how a nuptial home should be. So if you’re considering chucking out that old sofa set or creating cozy corners, you don’t want to miss out on the stuff we’ve listed below. In doing so, it is vital to remember that home marriages are high on experiences, and treating your guests to comfort and care is a big part of it. Your furniture must be able to cater to these factors.


Image Source Traditions

A type of upholstery chair, ottomans work well as extra seating spaces and foot rests. Their mobility is a boon especially in a marriage household where you can place them in the verandah for guests to lounge or incorporate them as part of your mehendi decor for artists to sit comfortably on. We recommend going in for a vibrant ottoman like this to match the wedding vibe. 


Image Source Instaskoch

If you’re looking to replace your old chair set or can’t make up your mind on which type of chairs to add, then we recommend opting for cushioned tub chairs like these. Guests across all age groups can comfortably relax on these with the elderly ones finding great respite. Remember to pick vibrant shades or floral pattern covers.


Image Source The House Directory

A swiss sofa looks fresh, fun and contemporary. This wedding season light up your living room with a wonderful addition like this! You can also opt for a chic settee as a side seating. Let your sofa set/s serve utility and beauty in equal measure.


Image Source Karma Trendz

Sofa swings or swing sets in general make for a pleasant element. They are a great way to hold seating spaces without cluttering. Moreover, the tiny tots of the house will have one favourite spot in the house to chill in 🙂


Image Source Myblueflamingo

Don’t know how to do up the open verandah? We suggest filling it with colourful (rustic too) movable furniture like traditional chairpaais or coloured stools. Guests can catch up here or vendors can brainstorm in this area over a cup of tea.

Rugs & Cushions

Once you’ve cracked the furniture aspect, it’s time to begin the process of converting your house to a home. And you can do this by incorporating essential and aesthetic elements like rugs and cushions. Not only do they amp up the comfort quotient, but also add to the marriage milieu. As your den is the only background and stage for your home wedding, these seemingly insignificant details make a huge difference and brighten up your space and frames!


Image Source Jaipur Rugs

Depending on your preference, you can opt for traditional home rugs or contemporary prints with varied textures. Whatever it is you zero down on, remember to match up to the sync or contrast of your decor around.


Image Source Designer Rugs

Even hallways and passages can make for great photo ops at your home wedding with spectacular rugs illuminating them. We bet you’ll agree looking at this for sure!


Image Source Instaskoch

Nothing beats the magic of colourful cushions like these! You can play around your wedding theme by opting for cushion covers that match the mood. Traditional, abstract, pastel, floral, geometric or artistic, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to these.


Image Source Instaskoch

From sturdy bolster sets to round smock pillows like these, you can add a range of cushion comfort for different types of furniture. As you can never get enough of gorgeous-looking cushions, go all out there and beautify your spaces with these.


Image Source Art Venue India

 An economical way to create more seating spaces would be to lay out a beautiful rug and fill it up or surround it with cushions of different shapes and sizes. This kind of setting perfectly matches the home wedding vibe!

Lamps and Lights

Great lighting is not only about illuminating but also aestheticism. For a home that is about to host a marriage, getting this bit right is the key to great backgrounds and flawless frames. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a range of lighting options and sit back to see the magic unfold. We’ve listed a few types below.


Image Source Next Official

Stunning chandelier sets or island and pendant lights are good options when it comes to ceiling lights. Available today in innumerable varieties, sizes and features, finding the perfect one is no rocket science. Besides, there are enough interesting options to suit every pocket!


Image Source Klighting

Often underlooked and underappreciated, wall lights are appealing and above all thoroughly soothing to the eyes. You can jazz things up in designer wall lights like these or even settle down for wall-mounted lamps and lights.


Image Source Louseal Lampshades

Beauty is all in the details! As a home that is gearing up to ring in a marriage ceremony, it will be subjected to all the spotlights and guest gazes. So while you focus on the bigger aspects, remember to not botch things up for the minute ones. Fill that empty table or lone shelf with a stunning lamp or decorative lantern.


Image Source Klighting

Floor lamps are gorgeous and no matter which ones you opt for, they inherently let out a classy vibe. You can place them in a clever corner of the living space or on the edge side of your sofa set. With an incredible variety available in both the markets- online and offline, you will be left spoilt for choices in this one! 


Image Source Shine Home 365

And finally, lighting the outdoors is as important as lighting the indoors as it is a marriage house. For this, ferry lights that can never go out of fashion will be at your service. Incandescent bulbs and designer lights also make great options.

Home Plants, Pots and Flowers

There is no better time to bring your delicate green friends home than in the event of a home wedding. In a space brimming with guests and endless chaos- both visual and verbal, home plants and fresh flowers create a soothing visual landscape and have a calming effect on the inmates. There are a million ways to incorporate these as part of your home decor and we’ve listed a few for you to consider.


Image Source Instakoch 

Keep it subtle and relevant with a handful of seasonal flowers adorned in offbeat vases. You can experiment with colours and quantity. Let these reign on your centre table or you can even place them near the window shelves.


Image Source Instakoch 

Having a house full of guests can be quite overwhelming and anxious. But you don’t need to run outside gasping for breath (as that will also be full of people) if you have calm and refreshing elements indoors. These can occupy a good corner spot or can be placed at the entrance of the room too.


Image Source Instakoch

Want to embrace home plants but all the dedicated spaces are already full? You can cleverly use fancy ropes and suspend them to a ceiling or curtain rods. If you have an empty balcony, bare windows or  plain passages, adding a few of these will create wonders!


Image Source Instakoch

This is thoughtful design and planning on another level! Make your home plants and flowers a part of your wall art (more ideas in the next section) This is background planning at its best without burning a hole in your wallet.


Image Source Home Depot

If there aren’t too many spaces at home or you’re worried about the little guests innocently plucking or tempering your cherished plants, have them all at one place in a sturdy stand. As a side tip, you can throw in some lights or diy decor and use this rack as a photo booth too! 

 Wall Art/Decor

You may have got all the previous elements right and still feel something amiss, bland and dull. That is because, filling up spaces and adding cool elements is one part of your home makeover. The other is doing up those huge walls that hold the house together. But nothing about wall art/decor is incomprehensible or fantastical even if you and your folks haven’t opted for it before. There’s a lot more you can do with them apart from covering with frames and paintings (though that’s good enough too) Here are a few options:


Image Source Instakoch

Wall rugs and hangings are great choices if you’re not too keen on having something permanently put up. You name it and there will be a million varieties for each kind! From rich macrame hangings to mandala design rugs and vintage tapestries, embellish your walls with these gems.


Image Source Instakoch

While frames are a go-to option, you can amp things up by tweaking and channelizing your creativity. Let those glorious landscape photo frames reign in between a powerful quote frame or an abstract art or off-beat painting frame.


Image Source Homespunstyle

Wall plates are not uncommon and hence it becomes important to nail it and not hurriedly opt for the usual bronze and painted plates. Your living space needs to look like a heaven of comfort and peace and not resemble a dazzled hotel lobby. Choose wall plates that add meaning and value to your home and aesthetics.


Image Source Beddinginn

Wall stickers are comparatively easy to put up and economical. So if you’re keen on hanging those precious family photos or frames, do it with some style. You can opt for family tree stickers such as this, or vibrant birds or even nature stickers and do up your walls.


Image Source Ariyona Interior

Quintessential wall frames and shelves never fail! You can opt for creative shelves like these and adorn it the way you want. If there’s much memorabilia from your travels or you need a place to display those lovely handicrafts and small pieces of art you’ve created over the years, what better than this?

Well folks, we hope that was plentiful of information and inspiration. And you now know how it takes good thinking and taste to revamp your space and make it marriage ready!

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