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4 Tips to be a Good Friend when your Friend’s Wedding is Cancelled!

As you’re aware the coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm and forced every other industry to collapse, those riding in on the promise of a better future, dreams, hopes and aspirations have been the hardest hit! One can only imagine what it must be like to have their most sought-after wedding being cancelled or postponed. Besides, the uncertainty of the situation also contributes to making matters worse! Hence, if you know someone close to you who had to meet the same fate, it can be distressing for you too! However, this is the time to not drown in one’s own sulking swirl but rather extend support and understanding to the one directly hit.

Just because one cannot practically do anything about the virus and lockdown as a whole doesn’t mean they can do nothing about controlling their situation. It is now time to take those tiny steps and pull your bestie out of this loop. After all, what are friends for?! We’ve come up with 4 simple, doable and meaningful things you can do to help your friend or close one cope with their cancelled wedding. Take a look:

Catch up for Some ‘Wine and Whine’ Session

    It is time to be a friend in need and that entails being a good listener. Hence, offer your time and patience and simply schedule a video call. Pour a drink (it could even be coffee for all you care), sit back and let your bestie pour his/her heart out to you! Sometimes, all you can do is just ‘be there’ when there are no simple solutions to complex problems. So lend a ear, let them get their agony out of the system and just breathe. This will help them give voice to everything they have been feeling and start their journey towards processing things. Even saying, “I know this sucks, but you can tell me. I am there” can go a long way in bringing respite to them.

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Be a Dream Team!

As your friend has too much on the platter, too much to cope with and look into as well, you can offer to help by literally taking things off her full palette. This means, helping her/him chalk out that checklist and managing those to-do lists. Be it vendor research, new contacts, sending out emails, making templates, helping them with your honest opinion to pick and choose things, making inquiries and managing data, there’s so much you can practically do. Being a pillar of strength and support also means physically doing things to rid them of their burdens.

Image Source Ethos

Cheer and Chill!

You could also be your friend’s best stress buster. Be it a Netflix party, or binge-watching your favourite shows or simply sharing funny videos and memes, just bring that dose of laughter and lightness to their lives! You could also help them shift focus from everything that’s pulling them down and motivate them to work-out, perhaps stream your yoga sessions, play a fun karaoke game or simply send them inspirational quotes. These little things make a huge difference and knowing someone’s there constantly checking up on them and caring will help them to snap out of all the shock and anxiety and get back to their core 🙂

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Slay it with Surprises!

By surprises, we don’t mean anything extraordinary or exorbitant. It could just be small, heartwarming gestures. You could make a digital collage reminiscing the good times together, share that funny video of theirs you’d shot years ago but never really sent it across. (They won’t even be able to kill you for this, thanks to the lockdown!) or organize a fun virtual date between the couple! With the thought of a postponed wedding crushing them down, an unexpected surprise can literally put a smile on their face and help them bounce back. So do anything that does not constantly keep reminding them of what has gone past, but fill their present with hopes for a better future with your creativity and care!

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We hope you now have a better idea of what all you can do to provide some relief to your fiend? Above all, remember to stay equally motivated and hopeful while motivating them 🙂

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