4 Tips to Make Your Court Marriage an Exciting Affair

4 Tips to Make Your Court Marriage an Exciting Affair

In India, weddings are often synonymous with larger-than-life celebrations- Band-Baaja,naach-gaana, and loads of khaana…


Although several millennial couples do opt for court marriages for different purposes, it is generally looked at as an affair with zero fun and sans any excitement. People assume that couples who opt for court marriage are probably doing so because they lack the necessary funds or their parents aren’t agreeable for their alliance.


Whatever the reason might be, it is only fair that you make your D-day special irrespective of where you are celebrating your wedding.


If at all you are feeling that your court marriage will not be such an impressive affair, or that your nosy relatives will taunt you for not being a sport, here are some tips you could take into consideration:


1.Make the announcement special



Just because it is a court marriage doesn’t mean you cannot be excited about your wedding. Making an announcement is a nice way of letting everyone know that you are soulmates and ready to tie the knot. Moreover, you could come up with innovative ways of making this announcement rather special and memorable.


2. Cocktail Night



A court marriage does not mean that you have to miss out on fun parties preceding the D-day!

You and you’re partner are entitled to have as much fun as you want. You could let your hair down and spend some crazy time with your friends and family.


3. Don’t under-dress



This day is extremely special for you and your partner, so dress up accordingly. Now it is obvious you won’t be dressed-up in typical wedding attire for your court marriage, but you can still choose wisely and opt for something impressive.


4. After Party



A court marriage usually has only close friends and family present at the affair. Rather than a formal reception,

you could throw a small party for all the other people you couldn’t invite for your wedding.


So, boys and girls, don’t stress and don’t miss out on wedding fun only because you have opted for a court marriage!

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