4 Ways Millennials Are Using Technology to Personalize Weddings

4 Ways Millennials Are Using Technology to Personalize Weddings

Millennials are changing many things – society, workplace, politics and even weddings! Weddings in India have always been known as ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ but this is slowly changing. 

Now, couples are combining tradition with new-edge technology to create more waste-free, useful and eco-friendly weddings. Want to know how they do this?


1. E-Invites

The traditional wedding invites are a thing of the past! Paperless invites are the new trend and for good reason. Printed invites are bad for the environment and also expensive! Sending out e-invites is so much easier, convenient and the best part is that they reach in real-time.


Image Source: Doodle Kaari


2. Wedding Registries

Choosing the western trend, young Indian couples are now choosing the gift registry! They are taking control of their gifting experience, making it meaningful.


Image Source: Pinterest


3. Personalized Website

The latest trend to hit the industry is a personalized website! Here, the couple can share about how they met, details about their wedding functions, registry, etc. As most guests are invited by their family, this website helps them get to know the couple better.


Image Source: Pinterest


4. Planning online

With the help of technology, millennials are now planning their weddings online – with or without professional wedding planners. This had led the couples to make better and faster decisions.


Image Source: Safarsaga


What are your views on this? Leave your comments below.

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