5 Brides with the Cute Dogs that stole our hearts

5 Brides with the Cute Dogs that stole our hearts

Doggies are god sent, tail wagging angels covered in fur. If they could speak, this is exactly what they would say-“Hi frand! Where were you all day? I missed you! I smelled my own fart. It was nasty! Oh wait let me shower you with wet sloppy licks! I looouu you berry berry much!” To brighten up your post vacation blues, here are doggos who were good boys/girls at weddings and deserve 18023039 chimken nuggets-

1. This pooch is twinning with the bride


Image source: Badal Raja Company


2. The smol pupper looks content in the bride’s arms


Image source: Pinterest


3. The comforting hug everyone needs 


Image source: The Story Weavers


4. The perfect family portrait 


Image source: WhatKnot


5. This photo deserves to be framed!


Image source: Meraki Studios


Henlo reader, please  convincing my mother to adopt a dog! Much thanks.

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