5 Cute Puppers to Make Your Day ‘Pawsome’!

5 Cute Puppers to Make Your Day ‘Pawsome’!


Does your heart do a happy dance every time you pass a dog? Do you stop to greet and pet every little fur ball you meet on your way? If yes, give me a high-five! We are proud members of team ‘Doggos over Hoomans’.  According to me, doggos are god sent, tail wagging angels covered in fur. And you know who agrees with me? These people who made sure that their pooch is a part of their celebration. After all, they are family!


1. One doggo is never enough!


Image source: Hitched & Clicked


2. Look at this good doggo all dressed up for hooman’s wedding



Image source: Recall Pictures


3. The photographer rightly captioned it as “her first love”


Image source: Ashane Bernard


4. This pupper looks like a total cutie in this jacket



Image source: Kam Reh Photography


5. Is this suit wearing pooch the best man? I think so!


Image source: Pinterest


This is all I needed to see after a long weekend!

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