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5 Easy Tips to Get the Best Bridal Portraits on your D-day

5 Easy Tips to Get the Best Bridal Portraits on your D-day

Yes, it is a high-pressure job!

Whoever said being a bride was easy, tricked you 😛

Every bride wants to look stunning on her D-day, especially for your wedding album and undoubtedly your Instagram page. Although you might get the best photographer in town, you need to be equally prepared to get your pictures right.


You are best aware of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to photography- your best profile, best angles, what shot makes you shine, etc. Yes, ladies, those 27494 pictures of yourself in your phone are NOT a waste!


Now, the kind-hearted soul I am, I thought it is best to put all your worries to rest and to share some useful and easy tips for getting the best bridal photographs on your D-day.


P.S- You won’t stop flipping through that wedding album, gal!


Here you go:


1. Be candid


Ladies, please remain as candid as possible, barring a few exceptions.

There is no match for raw emotions, those spontaneous smiles, and those perfect imperfections. Well, if you don’t think it is such a great idea you could always go in for plandids instead!


2. Pose Awareness #101


Twirling, veil shot, lehenga shot, swag-wala-shot, shy-bride-shot…there are several poses trending these days.

The key to a successful bridal shoot is knowing your poses well.


3. Confidence is Key

This is especially for the shy brides- I know the jitters are inevitable, but since you don’t want it to show in your pictures you have to be as confident as possible. The best way to handle this is to keep it real.


4. Say chee…


Well, you have to smile because hey! It is your wedding. However, do not overdo it.

Smile when the photographer is clicking you. At other times, you can give that jaw some rest. Let it not look too forced or cheeky.


5. Give your photographer freedom


You may have a whole lot of shots in mind. But, don’t restrict your photographer’s creativity, and allow him to experiment as much as he can.

After all. It is him who is aware of the trends, the techniques and is responsible for giving you a great album in hand.


Get geared to get clicked!


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