5 Fun Activities for Your Mehendi Ceremony

5 Fun Activities for Your Mehendi Ceremony

Gone are the days when people would only chit-chat and dance during a pre-wedding celebration. Today, every celebration involves a fun activity that engages the couple as well as all the guests.


To make your Mehendi ceremony festive, engaging and entertaining, here are some activities that the soon-to-be-wed couple and their close ones can enjoy:


What’s in a Name?


Image Source: Henna Paradise by Sarala Aravind


The age-old tradition of writing your partner’s name within the mehendi design still holds a certain charm. To make it more fun, get your husband and close ones to find the name. Whoever is the quickest to find the name should be rewarded with something of their choice!




Image Source: Biyani Photography


Tambola is basically a musical version of Bingo. Instead of announcing numbers, the host will sing songs and if anyone has the song on his/her ticket, join the host in singing the join and perhaps shake a foot too!


It’s All About the Shoe!


Image Source: Elegant Affair Southwest


Quite a common game played during the wedding week. Nonetheless, it is super fun! The bride and groom have to sit with their backs against each other, each one holding a shoe. A friend or a family member can ask the couple funny questions that will garner hilarious answers from the couple and have all the guests in splits.


Can You Eat it All?


Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography


This one is for all the couples who love their food! Every person has a favourite street food. What’s better than seeing the couple stuff their faces with their favourite chaat? A mini competition can be held where the guests choose their sides and cheer for the bride and groom!


Do You Have It?


Image Source: Offbeat Bride


In case the guests are looking for a physical activity to indulge in, here’s one! Have the couple seated at one end of the room while all guests are at the other end. In turns, the couple will ask for an item (can be lipstick, juti, etc.) and the guests who happen to have the item need to get it and give it to either the groom or the bride!

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