5 Hair Care Tips to Beat the Monsoon!

5 Hair Care Tips to Beat the Monsoon!

It is already mid-July and quite evidently, monsoon has set in. As I watch the rains from my window, all I can think about is piping hot tea, crunchy pakoras and my comfy quilt. 

I wouldn’t deny it is a super-romantic season and one cannot resist the sound of raindrops lashing against the windows. As for me, I can’t resist going outdoors and getting drenched in the rain. But, there is one thing that gets under my skin and I can’t help but blame the monsoon for this- Frizzy and damaged hair. Yes, those who know me well will know how annoying my ‘Hair’ rants are during these four months. 


With the rise in humidity and moisture, strands of hair keep getting tangled and many of you must have experienced a constant tug of war between resilient knots and your comb. Accompanying the frizzy hair havoc are a couple of other menaces like dandruff, itchiness and the scariest of all- Hairfall (Rolling my eyes for the 20th time).


Here is a list of tips you should definitely read if you want to ensure your hair remains damage-free this season:


1. Keep your hair dry.



Although getting drenched in the rain is a fun thing to do, it is clearly not fun for your hair. Sorry to burst your bubble, but rainwater is dirty and acidic and it is best to keep your hair away from it. So, its time you think of other alternatives to have your monsoon mazaa.


2. Champi



While most of our childhood Sunday mornings were spent cribbing about the weekly champi (oil massage for hair) we received, it is very important especially during monsoons. It naturally boosts the moisture in the hair and revitalizes dry strands. 

TIP: Don’t put too much oil, or else you will end up over-shampooing it to rinse off the oil, causing damage.


3. Pick the right comb



If it is monsoon, you have to choose a wide-toothed comb. It is hands down a winner when it comes to detangling those stubborn knots and also serves as a good conditioning comb.


4. Keep your hair open



Tying up your hair is like inviting the rainwater to hibernate for a longer period of time. This makes the hair frizzier and limp. In case, tying is imperative, go in for buns and ponytails, do avoid the tight braids.


5. Eat Right



For strong, shiny and thick hair, keep your diet in order. Make sure you include foods in your diet which are high in protein and iron like paneer, fish, nuts and eggs.


I’m sure these quick tips will make tackling your hair during the rainy season a breeze!

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