5 Honeymoon Destinations Perfect for the Introverts

5 Honeymoon Destinations Perfect for the Introverts

A honeymoon is a period where you get to bond with your partner. It gives you a chance to get to know your partner better and create some beautiful intimate memories with them. And this is reason enough that you choose a honeymoon destination where you both can be yourself.


If you both like uncrowded places, we know of 5 hidden gems of the world you could pick as your honeymoon destinations.


1. Lapland, Finland


Image source: Visit Lapland


The snowy landscapes and star-filled skies are the perfect background to begin your married life. You can enjoy a cozy night with your partner as you take in the unbelievable beauty of the northern lights. If either or both of you are thrill seekers, you could go husky riding and enjoy a trip down the snow-clad mountains. Or, if you want to try something different, you could go on an ice-breaker cruise.


Best time to visit: November to March


2. Piha, New Zealand


Image source: Pinterest


If you or your partner is one who absolutely loves beaches, Piha in New Zealand is the honeymoon destination for you. Get lost in the beauty of the windy paradise, the black sand beach of Piha or go road tripping to the countryside by yourself and explore the place.


Best time to visit: December to March


3. Shelter Cove, California


Image source: Pinterest


Shelter Cove in California is the perfect little beach town beyond the outskirts of the cities with less than a 1000 people residing there! Offering your gorgeous views, this destination is perfect if you want to relax and enjoy time by yourself. You can explore the area with each other and make memories that will last you a lifetime.


Best time to visit: All around the year!


4. Apostle Islands, Wisconsin


Image source: Pinterest


Begin your journey as husband and wife in the land of peace and beauty. Enjoy the serenity of the quaint lakefront town with the love of your life. You could spend your day exploring sea caves and hiking over majestic cliffs. After you’re done being with nature, you can enjoy some quality time with your partner back in your cozy room and pamper yourself to an authentic gourmet meal.


Best time to visit: Between June and September


5. Argentina


Image source: Visit Argentina


If you both love nature, Argentina is the place you must visit. From beautiful waterfalls to penguins and whale watching, this place has a lot to offer. Psst., Argentina also has a great wineries to go exploring! So, book your tickets and get lost in the amazing landscapes.


Best time to visit: October to mid-December & April to mid-June


So, which one of these would you like to go t0 with your partner? Comment and tell us!

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