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5 Hot Drinks to Serve at your Winter Wedding

When it comes to zeroing in on what cocktail to choose for your guests, it is almost a no-brainer, right? I mean, all of us know what drinks most guests love. However, what about the winters when sangrias, chilled fresh-lime juices, and drinks packed with ice cubes have to go out of the window and make room for something warmer.

Although you might still have a bevvy of guests eagerly waiting for their cold juices or whiskey on the rocks, it doesn’t hurt to keep a station serving hot beverages for guests who may want something to keep them rather warm and not get too tipsy too! Also, it is an exciting idea as many of the hot drinks can also be enjoyed by the younger ones. 

Here is a variety of hot drinks you should consider serving to your guests to full score marks in impressing them and of course keeping them warm and comfortable during a chilly winter wedding:

1. Get unconventional!
Serve your guests some hot eggnog and bag extra brownie points for being different.

Image source: Annamarie Akins

2. Hot chocolate vs Apple Cider Vinegar!

Give your guests the option to choose between something that is a bit high on calories and a drink that is super-healthy! Whatever they choose, it will keep them warm 🙂

Image source: Cat Mayer Studio 

3. This interactive Hot chocolate station allows the guests to make their own hot chocolate with stir sticks.

Image source: Sam Gibson Photography

4. How about serving the basics in fine crockery! Serve your guests quintessential tea and coffee to make them feel more comfortable.

Image source: Pinterest

5. How about serving hot cider in these pretty apples with cinnamon sticks and star anise for extra flavour!

Image source: Joshua & Rachel

All set to let your guests go sluuuuurp?

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