5 Innovative Wedding Favours to Impress your Guestlist

5 Innovative Wedding Favours to Impress your Guestlist

After months of planning, weeks of organizing, and days of wedding functions, when everything finally comes to an end, it is hard to come to terms with it for you, as well for your family and all those who attended the wedding affair. Keeping this in mind, it is important that the event is ended on a good note, by giving tiny gifts or tokens to the guests which will make them remember your wedding each time they use or see these.


From parasols to potted-plants, wedding favours have come a long way, making the mithai ka dabba almost obsolete. While some may go in for something aesthetically appealing, others may lay more focus on the ‘use’ factor. Whatever the motive may be, it is imperative that your wedding favour has some meaning, and more importantly, it should have a certain uniqueness to it.


Here is a list of offbeat yet simple favours you can consider giving your guests:




Image source: Sawyer Baird


A great wedding favour especially if you are hosting an afternoon affair or a beach wedding. Help your guests stay away from those tans and sunburns by handing out these pretty vintage parasols. You could give out colours which go with the theme of the wedding.


2. Himalayan Salt


Image source: Emily Wren 

Pretty pink salt put into tiny decorative jars- not only this favour super creative but is also useful and a treat to the eyes!


3. Bag of flower seeds



Image source: Laura Goldenberger


A symbol of growth, a bag of seeds is a meaningful favour and sends out a strong message as well. You could either pick seeds of your favourite flower or gift seeds of those flowers which were used maximum at your wedding.


4. Bottle Openers


Image source: Rebecca Arthurs


Bottle openers are very handy and some of your guests might need these every weekend. It is a great thing that they will be reminded of your wedding each time they use the opener. You could also customize these for making them more memorable!


5. Incense


Image source: Vitae Weddings


Bundles of fragrant sticks are symbolic of keeping the bad vibes at bay. I am sure your guests will love these favours!


So, all set to impress your guest list?

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