5 Inspiring Flashmob Proposal Ideas to Woo Your Beloved

5 Inspiring Flashmob Proposal Ideas to Woo Your Beloved


How did your beloved propose to you? Did he/she go down on their knees? Did they sweep you off your feet with a hot air balloon ride? Well, here are five couples who danced their way into the hearts of their soon-to-be better half!


No matter how you propose to your sweetheart, you just want to make it memorable. And what better way than expressing your love in front of the entire world? After all, Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya? So, here goes…


1.  The Best Birthday Surprise Ever


Why should boys always make the first move or propose the girls? Breaking all the stereotypes, the girl, Payal gave the best ever surprise to Rahit, her beloved, by proposing to him on his birthday!

First, a group of people started performing in a restaurant they were at with family, and friends but Payal was not at the table. Later, Payal joined the mob and started dancing to “I wanna marry you” by Bruno Mars to propose to the love of her life.

And he said YES!


2. An Unbelievably Romantic Proposal


Romi thought that Bharat was not in the country but little did she know that he was planning one of the most romantic and Bollywood-inspired proposals for her.

Romi was strolling around in Leicester Square, central London when a couple of people started dancing and the crowd kept joining them, and finally, a man in mask moved in, and when the identity was revealed, it took Romi by surprise.


3. Classic Bollywood Proposal


What can be better than a cheesy romantic proposal for a huge Bollywood fan! Unnati being a Bollywood fanatic, her fiance planned to propose to her in public!

The couple was in a mall with their friends when a girl and a boy started dancing to Mujse Shaadi Karogi, and the crowd kept on joining them. That’s when one of the girls pulled Akash to join them. Unnati had no idea that it was all for her until he went down on his knees.

Cute, isn’t it?


4. Best Indian Flashmob Proposal with a Touch of Bruno Mars


This couple’s proposal was as romantic and beautiful as their love story. Nikesh planned a flashmob proposal for Tina in Covent Garden in a true Bollywood style where a girl started dancing to Chammak Challo, and Nikesh joined in, leaving Tina surprised, and awestruck. The mob then danced to Dance Pe Chance and finally, I Wanna Marry You by Bruno Mars as he went down on his knees!


5. A Magical Flashmob Proposal


Abhishek and Jinal are one of the most cheerful couples I have ever seen! They were strolling at Bethesda Fountain, New York when a group of people started dancing near them. And the pair seemed to enjoy the performance when someone pulled Abhishek in to join them aaaand…Jinal too danced to the A Sky Full Of stars while the mob danced with Abhishek. Later, in the end, Abhishek went down on his knees to propose her – happily, ever after, don’t you think?


I am speechless after watching these beautiful and romantic proposals! Totally awaiting one for myself…just kidding! I just loved these proposals and if you have some amazing proposal ideas then share with us in the comment section below!

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