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5 International Gourmet Appetisers for your Wedding Guests

5 International Gourmet Appetisers for your Wedding Guests

For Indian guests, the food holds a prominent place in the wedding. It is the best way to please them and for you to get them to do a whole lot of ‘charcha’ about your wedding. These days shaadis are ditching the inconvenient buffets which revolve around monotonous main courses and are replacing them with lighter, easy-to-eat foods. 


Smaller bites make it possible for people to socialise and mingle with one another, rather than getting bogged down with a plate full of food. These days weddings are experimenting with cuisines and tastes, to make sure their guests have a delectable and sumptuous experience. Couples are opting for offbeat dishes to wow the guests and make them super-happy!


Here are some gourmet appetizers you could include in your wedding food list:


1. Black Caviar Appetizer


Image source: Image cooking


A light, crunchy and prime appetizer with rice crisps, with cream cheese spread all over it, topped with dollops of black caviar and fresh dill. 

This is not an everyday kind of ingredient and could be difficult to find, however, it is worth a try for appeasing your guests with something completely new and interesting.


2. Tempura Green Beans


Image source: Eric Kelley Photography


Fresh green beans coated in all-purpose flour and dunked in piping hot oil, the result is crunchy green beans. These are super-easy to make and you can pair it with a spicy chutney or mayo.


3. Toast with tomatoes and mozzarella


Image source: Bianca Zapatka


A quick and easy recipe with pizza dough (which can be replaced by pieces of toasted bread), with a tomato paste smeared on the bread, topped with chopped cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves.

This could be a great crowd pleaser, especially for kids.


4. Lobster Dumplings



Boiled dumplings filled with lobsters, celery, spring onions, carrots, and coriander; served with vinegar and ginger on the side for better taste. A great oriental appetizer for your wedding.


5. Tiny Taco Bites



If you need something appetizing yet not-so-messy, these tiny tacos with a feeling including pork, shredded lettuce, salsa, and parmesan cheese are a mouth-watering delicacy you must serve.


I am sure all this food must have caused your tastebuds to tingle. So, its time to bookmark these ideas and get rolling!

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